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If you’ve recently made a move to Arizona, you’re far from alone. Research suggests that Arizona is a top state for population growth, with the nation’s highest migration stats back in 2021.

Thanks to its affordable cities and diversified economy, this state has a lot to offer. However, moving to Arizona from elsewhere isn’t always as easy as it sounds, and the paperwork alone can be stressful. Even for something as simple as a change of address, AZ residents sometimes need to wade through confusing requirements.

We’ve got you covered! If you’re looking for a DMV change of address in AZ, here’s what you should know.

Who Is a New Resident?

The state considers you a new Arizona resident if you meet any one of the following criteria:

  • You work in Arizona
  • You’re registered to vote in Arizona
  • Your children go to a school in Arizona and you pay in-state fees and tuition
  • You’ve obtained a state license or education and you’ve paid in-state fees and tuition
  • You have a business that operates in Arizona
  • You are living in Arizona for at least seven months of the calendar year

Note that there are a few exemptions to these rules, so it’s a good idea to do further research if you think you might not be a resident. Seasonal farm workers, for example, may not be considered residents if they don’t meet any of the other criteria. In addition, the state doesn’t consider certain active military personnel to be full-time residents.

When Do I Need a New ID?

The short answer is “right away.”

Though some states allow you to use your old ID for a month or more after moving, the state of Arizona doesn’t offer this type of grace period. New residents are required to update their license and address immediately upon their move.

What Are the Address Change Requirements?

In general, if you have an existing form of ID from another state, you will qualify for a new ID with your current Arizona address.

  • You must be at least 16 years old
  • You must be able to provide proof of residency in Arizona
  • You must be able to pass a driving test

It’s also important to keep in mind that the current state of your license and your past driving history will factor into your eligibility. If your license is suspended in another state, for example, the Arizona DMV won’t allow you to update your address and get a new license.

How Do I Get a Change of Address in AZ?

You can change your address by visiting the Arizona DMV. This will allow you to update your driver’s license or identification card.

Note that you can’t make this change over the phone or online; you’ll have to visit an office in person. The same is true for your car title and registration. However, once these initial items are complete, you can often do much of your future business with the DMV online.

If you have trouble finding a DMV location nearby, or if you’re looking for extended weekday and weekend hours, you can also visit one of our authorized third-party DMV locations. Our team is capable of doing the same address changes as a state DMV location with fast, reliable service.

What Documents Should I Bring?

When you visit the DMV or one of our offices, you should bring a few documents with you.

First, you’ll need proof of your identity. This can include items like birth certificates, a U.S. passport, a permanent resident card, or a military ID card.

You should also bring a current driver’s license or identification card from the state where you used to live.

In addition, bring proof of residency. This can include things like bank or credit card statements as well as utility bills.

You may also need to provide your social security number, though you should not need to bring the card itself.

Do I Need to Pay Fees?

Yes. These fees sometimes change, so be sure to check with the Arizona DMV before visiting.

Your fees will vary based on the type of license or identification card you’re getting. Some of these fees also decrease with age, and members of the U.S. military may also qualify to pay less.

Will I Need to Pass a Driving Test?

If you are applying for your first license, or if your old license has expired, you will need to pass a driving test. This test will include both a written exam and a driving exam. Visit the Arizona Department of Transportation’s website for tests and manuals.

However, if your old license is still valid, you’ll only have to take a vision exam.

Do I Need to Update My Car’s Registration?

If you have a vehicle, we recommend updating its registration when you update your address. Because you need to visit a DMV office in person for both of these issues, and because the state expects you to take care of both of them right away, doing them at once can save you a trip.

Updating vehicle registrations is relatively simple, though you’ll need a few documents.

First, make sure you have proof of ownership. Second, bring proof that you’ve taken out a sufficient car insurance policy. In Arizona, this means at least the minimum amount of liability insurance.

You’ll also need to bring a vehicle registration fee. Like the fees above, this fee can change without warning, so we recommend checking with the Arizona Department of Transportation for the current requirements.

Get a DMV Change of Address in AZ

Getting a change of address in AZ doesn’t have to be as hard as it sounds. With the information above, you’ll be poised to get your hands on a new driver’s license or identification card fast.

Of course, if you want some extra help, GG&D offers these services and more with no appointment necessary. We’ll take care of your DMV change of address, ID registration, driver’s license renewal, and even your vision or driving test! To learn more, give us a call or stop by one of our locations.

What New Residents Need for an Arizona Change of Address - GG&D Motor Vehicle Services (2024)


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