Golfer Grace Charis In Plunging Crop Top Celebrates 21st Birthday (2024)

Model Grace Charis is another year older and another year wiser!

The popular OnlyFans model took up golfing during the COVID-19 pandemic and has since become a sensation on Instagram as she shares videos of her golfing in plunging crop tops, often with no bra on!

Things were a little bit different on Tuesday, however, when the popular golf girl revealed that she was celebrating her 21st birthday on November 21!

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Grace Charis In Plunging Crop Top Is '21 On 21'

On Tuesday, Grace took to Instagram to share a few photos that featured her posing with giant gold balloons that spelled out her new age. She is wearing her signature white visor along with a pink tank top that is unzipped to show off her large chest. Fans who scroll through the carousel can see her posing with a single cupcake. “21!” she wrote in the caption along with the emoji of a cake, a red balloon, and a present.

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“Happy birthday, Grace. Charis this day forever,” one fan teased. “What? This can’t be real,” another follower shared. “Much younger than I thought. Happy birthday,” a third fan chimed in. “21 or 2001?” one follower asked. “21 on 21!” Grace replied. “A little late for a 2001 New Year's post,” another fan joked. “Happy 21st Birthday!!!! Hope you have an amazing one,” other followers exclaimed as the “Happy Birthday!” messages filled up the comments section of her post.

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Grace In Braless Blue Crop Top Says 'Hello'

Two days before her birthday, Grace was back on Instagram giving fans the kind of content they usually expect from her! She was wearing a thin blue crop top with a plunging neckline. It was clear that she wasn’t wearing anything underneath the thin fabric as she shared several different shots that featured her swinging the club as hard as she possibly could. “Hello,” she wrote in the caption.

“Only time I will watch anything to do with golf,” one fan commented. “I literally just wanna know where i can get these tops,” another follower joked. “The public wants to know where all these balls go,” a third fan chimed in. Although Grace shares a lot of footage that features her swinging the golf club as hard as she possibly can, she doesn’t usually show where the ball lands!

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Who Wants To Golf With Grace Charis?

A lot of fans often ask Grace if they can play a round of golf with her to see if she canreally play, and fortunately, Grace does have that option on her website! Unfortunately, one full round of 18 holes with Grace will set fans back $100,000. According to the website description:

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"You will fly Grace and her clubs out to the approved golf course of your choice and play a full round of 18 holes! A maximum of 4 people total for the round of golf is allowed (including Grace).

Disclaimer: Grace’s manager, bodyguard, and filmer are travel companions with Grace.

*Fee covers hotel, airfare, and food for Grace and her team. The purchaser will cover the round of golf along with amenities (water or extra golf balls). No exchange of money for sexual acts is allowed or permitted by the law. This purchase is purely a round of golf with Grace. At any time Grace feels uncomfortable she is allowed to leave the course."

No refunds are allowed at this time, so buyer beware! It's unclear if anyone has ever taken Grace up on her offer, but fans would love to see it!

Fans Just Can't Get Enough Of Grace Charis!

Even if fans might never golf with Grace in person, it's clear that they still enjoy her golfing videos and can't wait to see what she will post next!

Interested in more Grace Charis content? Her 1.9 million Instagram followers know that she often likes to golf braless, which is why they have started asking her to golf topless! Fans can check out some more videos and steamy shots of Grace golfing in her colorful crop tops by clicking here!

Golfer Grace Charis In Plunging Crop Top Celebrates 21st Birthday (2024)


What does Grace Charis do for a living? ›

Grace Charis Bio/Wiki
Full NameGrace Charis Smith
ProfessionGolf influencer, entrepreneur
EducationSingapore Management University (Business Management)
12 more rows
6 days ago

How much does Grace Charis weight? ›

The social media star is 5 feet 6 inches (168 centimetres) tall. She weighs approximately 121 pounds (55 kilograms).

Does Grace Charis wear a bra? ›

Grace Charis goes braless and leaves little to imagination as fans say 'you make me love golf' GOLF influencer Grace Charis has gone risque after showing off herself without a bra.


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