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Technology is not a single service--it's woven into everything we offer. Whether you need a simple security approach or want to augment your existing program, we provide the tools and experts to address all of your needs. By combining technology with traditional offerings, our customized programs improve your security performance, may reduce the need for onsite security personnel, and can significantly boost cost savings and operational efficiency.

Walden Security's technology includes all the leading industry solutions, including quick-start mobile surveillance, live video monitoring, virtual guard tours and escorts, remote access control, mobile patrol reporting, and more. We deliver cost-effective and customized solutions to any environment, powered by our licensed experts. And with local, specially trained management, your integrated security program is always fully supported.

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  • Audio Intervention

  • Badging & Cardholder Database Administration

  • GeoCheck Patrol Verification Technology

  • Incident, Intrusion, Criminal Activity Alerts

  • Live Event Monitoring

  • Mobile Patrol Services

  • Remote Access Control

  • Remote Guard Tours

  • Unattended Delivery

  • Virtual Escorts

  • Virtual Guarding

Audio Intervention

Remote presence is often an effective solution for enhancing access control for your property. By delivering a pre-recorded audio message or live voice intervention, unwanted or unauthorized individuals attempting to access your property are quickly deterred from trespassing.

Badging & Cardholder Database Administration

If you’re like most organizations today, you use access control and/or visitor management systems to prevent unauthorized entry. Walden CTC Operators verify and grant access for employees, contractors, and visitors. Our customers are able to activate access for individuals and immediately deactivate access for a separated employee or contractor who no longer requires access to your facility. We are able to integrate with your existing hardware and software systems to identify propped doors, forced door entry events, door held-open alarms, and inactive card/fob usage.

GeoCheck Patrol Verification Technology

Track your security officer whereabouts, confirm that patrol rounds were made and get critical security alerts in real-time. Our GeoCheck guard tour and patrol verification system allows us to deliver a smart solution for your mobile and foot patrols.

GeoCheck works on any smartphone and features GPS tracking, image capture, voice, video and text recording to allow our officers to conduct inspections, record guard tour rounds, document incidents, and instantly submit alerts and reports by text, email and over the Web.

• GPS unit locator with Geo-tag technology
• Two-way communication - instantly transfer information via text, email, web
• Detailed incident, activity and event reports
• Real-time alerts: Tours, no-motion, low battery, and more
• Photo and video capture: Instant replay
• Geo-fencing and breadcrumb navigation
• Password protected and completely secure
• Fully customizable

Incident, Intrusion, Criminal Activity Alerts

Should an incident, intrusion or other criminal activity occur, Walden CTC Operators will alert emergency services and/or dispatch our mobile patrol response team. We will work with you to build a notification hierarchy to ensure the proper individuals are informed of the event within the appropriate timeframe. Our trained security personnel review every signal received by our station and respond to trigger events within a matter of seconds. Operators are trained to identify criminal activity, dispatch assistance and properly notify staff whenever they identify suspicious behavior.

Live Event Monitoring

Live event monitoring enables our CTC operators to view your IP-based video surveillance system in real-time to prevent and minimize damage to your critical assets. Operators are trained to identify criminal activity, dispatch emergency assistance when appropriate and properly notify staff whenever they identify suspicious behavior. With our 24/7 monitoring center, we are able to watch any number of cameras during critical times and provide immediate response to trigger events as they occur.

Mobile Patrol Services

Larger facilities, campuses or non-adjacent sites benefit from our roving mobile patrol services who are dedicated in patrolling with a vehicle. They provide an immediate response to emergency situations, possible intrusions and criminal activity. Certified in defensive driving through the National Safety Council, our security officers also supply after-hours patrolling, parking lot security and employee escorts, 24/7 access control and identity verification.

Remote Access Control

Based on an approved access list, CTC Operators grant entry and exit for employees, contractors and other individuals requesting access to your facility. Using video surveillance cameras and two-way audio to confirm identity and credentials, our operators verify the individual’s purpose, identity, and credentials, and authorize access for your managed entry points. We integrate with all major interior and exterior access control systems installed for gates, doors and barrier.

Remote Guard Tours

Monitor your property and patrol your target areas with remote guard tours. As a standalone service or supplement to your physical security program, remote guard tours allows the CTC Operator to use your current digital camera system to make remote tours of your facility to identify suspicious activity. You may customize what the operator is looking for and schedule your tours in real-time, at random or on a pre-defined schedule.

Unattended Delivery

Monitor your loading dock and receive deliveries without the need of an onsite individual to grant access. Walden CTC operators can verify and grant access and through live monitoring, make sure that the individual making the delivery remains in approved areas.

Virtual Escorts

Virtual escorts give your employees peace of mind knowing they will arrive and depart safely. By utilizing live video surveillance and two-way audio notification, our operators provide interactive virtual escorts to follow your employees until they arrive safely to their destination.

Virtual Guarding

With event-driven virtual guarding, CTC operators monitor any number of cameras using pre-determined video analytics and event-based rules. Through the use of analytics and rules layered with satellite images, maps and photos of your facility, we review every signal received by our station, determine what actions are to be taken and respond to trigger events within a matter of seconds. This highly efficient solution is both scalable and cost-effective.


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Walden Security | Technology (2024)


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