Undertale - Complete Sparing Guide (2024)

January 22, 2020Volodymyr Azimoff1

Undertale - Complete Sparing Guide (1)

A guide on how to spare every monster in Undertale.


  • How to Spare Monsters
  • Introduction
  • Random Encounters / Minibosses
  • Bosses

How to Spare Monsters


Warning: This guide may contain spoilers. I would recommend only using this for the monster you are currently encountering.

Welcome to the Complete Sparing Guide for Undertale! This guide will explain how to spare every single monster in Undertale.

Please note that some of these will not get you yellow names in the True Pacifist ending credits.

Random Encounters / Minibosses

Note: This section is for random encounters / minibosses only! No bosses (excluding Mini-bosses such as Doggo or Napstablook) will be included here.


  • Froggit: Simply select “Compliment” or “Threat” then spare it on the next turn.
  • Whimsun: This monster can be spared from the start.
  • Moldsmal: This monster can be spared from the start.
  • Loox: Select “Don’t Pick On” then spare it on the next turn.
  • Vegetoid: Either select the “Dinner” option and touch the green foods or lower it’s HP and select “Devour”, which will heal 5 HP as well as spare them..
  • Migosp: This monster can be spared once all of the other monsters it’s with are killed/spared.
  • Napstablook: Cheer them until they become “Dapper blook”, then cheer or flirt, or fight them until their HP reaches 0.


Note: Any dog monsters can be spared by simply using the “Stick” in battle.

  • Snowdrake: Wait a turn, then select “Laugh” After this he can be spared.
  • Chilldrake: Wait a turn, then select “Agree”.
  • Ice Cap: Ignore them twice, then select “Steal”. Now, either spare them, or compliment them to get the yellow name.
  • Gyftrot: Undecorate them 3 times.
  • Doggo: Wait a turn without moving, then pet them.
  • Dogamy and Dagaressa: Roll around, Re-sniff, then use “Pet” on both of them.
  • Lesser Dog: Pet
  • Greater Dog: Beckon, Pet, Play, Pet, Pet.
  • Mad Mew Mew (Nintendo Switch version only): Talk to her once she stops attacking.
  • Jerry: Ditch him, nobody likes Jerry.
  • Glyde: Applaud twice, then select “Nothing” for the rest of the battle.


  • Aaron: Flex three times.
  • Moldbygg: Unhug.
  • Woshua: Select “Clean”, then touch the green bullets.
  • Temmie: Either Talk, Flex, or feed Temmie Flakes.
  • Mad Dummy: Survive until he leaves.
  • Shyren: Hum five times.


  • Vulkin: Hug or Encourage it.
  • Tsunderplane: Select “Approach”, then touch the green outline of the planes 4 times (3 if with Vulkin).
  • Pyrope: Heat Up twice.
  • Muffet: Survive until she spares you, eat an item bought from the Ruins spider bake-sale, or by from Muffet’s bake-sale in Hotland for 9999G.
  • Royal Guards: Clean 02’s Armor and touch the green armor. then Whisper to 01.
  • So Sorry: Don’t attack for 10 turns, then when the doodlebugs appear, select “Draw” for both of them. Once they’re gone, continue not attacking until So Sorry leaves.


  • Final Frogit: Mystify.
  • Whimsalot: Pray.
  • Astigmatism: Wait 1 turn, then Pick on or Don’t Pick on it depending on their request.
  • Madjick: Talk or Stare once at each orb (Note: Talking will confuse you, reversing your controls).
  • Knight Knight: Sing until she falls asleep (Humming to Shyren 5 times makes this easier).

True Lab

  • Memoryhead: Select “Cell”, then “Refuse”.
  • Endogeny: Either Beckon, Pet, Play, Pet, and Pet or use the Hush Puppy/Stick.
  • Lemon Bread: Hum, Flex, then Unhug.
  • Snowdrake’s Mother: Select Joke three times.
  • Reaper Bird: Mystify, Pray, and Pick on in any order.

Hard Mode

These are enemies exclusive to Hard Mode, which can be triggered by naming The Fallen Human Frisk.

  • Moldessa: Select “Fix”.
  • Parsnik: Either select the “Snack” option and touch the green foods or lower it’s HP and select “Devour”, which will heal 5 HP as well as spare them
  • Migospel: This monster can be spared once all of the other monsters it’s with are killed/spared.


Note: This section is for bosses only (Meaning main characters like Toriel and Undyne, not mini-bosses such as Doggo or Napstablook). No random encounters will be shown in this section.

  • Toriel: Repeatedly press the spare button until she lets you go.
  • Papyrus: Survive until he offers to spare you.
  • Undyne: Wait until she turns your soul red, then flee. Repeat this until she passes out from the heat. If you would like to befriend her, you must pour water on her from the water cooler.
  • Mettaton EX: Get the ratings up to 10,000 (12,000 if his arms and legs have not been knocked off). This can be done by ACTing and eating on-brand foods, like Glamburgers.
  • Asgore: Fight him until you are offered the choice to kill him or spare him.

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Undertale - Complete Sparing Guide (2)

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Undertale - Complete Sparing Guide (2024)


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