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This page can help you get through Waterfall after completing Snowdinwithout killing anyone for a pacifist run.

Make sure you complete the Papyrus Date before moving on to this area for your pacifist run.

From Snowdin continue heading East until you return to the checkpoint with the save point and Sans. Save before moving on past a literally waterfall and into some reeds.


A cutscene will play out while you hide in the reeds where Papyrus and Undyne discuss your fate. Undyne will turn to attack you but then fades into the shadows instead.

Leave the reeds and Undyne's biggest fan will say how awesome it all was and you can save before continuing east.

You may now start to encounter new enemies:

Enemy Type Method



Flex three times, but be care to dodge his attacks as he will get stronger with each flex. On his third flex, he will disappear.



Choose the 'clean' option and then collect the green attacks to spare Washua.

Bridge Seeds

This section introduces a new puzzle with bridge seeds - you need to place them four in a row and they will form a bridge. The first puzzle is very simple:

The second puzzle is a bit tricker and requires you to build a vertical bridge, releasing the flowers from the end of the lowest sticking out point.

Before you can move to the next area, Papyrus will call you to discuss what you are wearing - it doesn't matter what you tell him so just enjoy the dialogue.



The next area is full of echo flowers and wall signs with history written on them. You'll find a telescope near the middle of the room. Use it and look to the top left corner for a clue on how to get out of here.

Follow the telescope's advice and go up the northern corridor - inspect the wall to find a door.

This room has even more lore panels along a jetty. At the end of the jetty is a square panel - step on it and you'll be taken across to the next section - if you need health go back and save before doing this.

Undyne Part 1

Suddenly you'll be attacked by a spear, and Undyne will appear. This will enter you into a battle with her where you need to dodge the spears in both combat screens and along the jetty.

Keep heading east, if spears hit you again you'll be taken into combat mode again for one of her attacks. The best way to dodge the spears is to keep moving east and be mindful of when to move up or down as you can easily move into the path of the spears.

You'll come to some reeds to hide in again and won't be able to move while a brief cutscene plays out. The next area is a save point, so make sure to do so before moving on.



Soon you'll see Sans again with another telescope - you don't need to look through this one but doing so is pretty funny.Through the north door, you can find the ice cream salesman again if you feel the need to stock up on some more healing items.

Continue east and then south over the water and follow the path until it forks to go either west or south.

First head west to find some Ballet shoes in the reeds.

Now go back and continue south-east. You'll have another phone call from Papyrus to follow up on your previous conversation.

Keep following the path east and then north to move to the next area where you'll meet a large monster. Don't worry, there's no fight here - just keep heading east through the conversation.

At this point you may start to encounter a new enemy:

Enemy Type Method



Hum at Shyren to be able to spare it.

Continue East - and when you come to another fork in the road ignore the northern route for now. Instead, if you continue east you'll come across a statue in the spotlight - ignore it for now too.

The next room has a bucket full of umbrellas, grab one and take it back to the statue.


The statue will begin to play some music, pay attention to the song. Head back to the fork in the road and take the northern route to find a piano in a room. If you're musically inclined you may be able to recreate the tune by ear, if not it's: open, up, right, open, down, open, down, right.

This will open a door, go through it to claim the orb. Unfortunately, you are apparently holding too many dogs to take the artefact. Open your inventory and dispose of the mysteriously appearing Annoying Dog who will absorb the orb and leave.

This gives you Dog Residue, which may sound like a lame reward but it's actually incredibly useful. Using Dog Residue will fill your inventory with more of it plus Dog salad which is a healing item. This means as long as you keep one portion of it on you, you will always be able to heal - with varying degrees of success. You can also sell infinite dog residue at temmie village.

Go back to the path and keep heading east, past the umbrella box. Undyne's fan will find you and walk with you along this path - it's all linear but you can get some more insight into Undyne by listening to the kid. At one point you'll come to an area that looks like a cutscene with a castle in the background - but you will need to continue moving left to progress.

After this, a steep ledge will present itself. Undyne's fan will help you up to continue and says they'll meet up with you later - continue east and save.

Undyne Part 2

Once again you are on a jetty - this time the ground will glow and from those points, spears will rise up from underneath. Keep moving in a general south-east direction but your path will be somewhat determined by Undyne's attacks. As long as you don't rush you should be able to get through this unharmed.

Eventually, you'll get to the end of the jetty and the spears will stop. Turn around and head back to meet Undyne face on before falling to the depths.



In yoursleep, you'll hear someone talking to you but before you can catch their name you'llwake up on a bed of flowers. As usual start by heading east where you can save before moving on.

Wade north through the piles of trash - there's an orange cooler box which you can get some healing items from - and past a combat dummy to leave. As you do so the dummy will come to life and challenge you to a battle.


Regardless of what ending you're going for the method for this guy is the same.

He will attack by having his dummy friends attack you. These projectiles follow you around the space - you need to lead as many possible in the direction where they'll hit the Dummy to do damage.

The rocket style projectiles will often need to do a circle once before they can fly off to hit him, so lead them accordingly.

After he has taken enough damage, your old mate Napstablook will show up and stop the battle.

Follow Napstablook north for another chance to save before moving on.


Continue Exploring

Napstablook will kindly invite you to his house just north of here but there isn't really anything to do there other than look around. East of his home you can race snails.

Back at the save point going out West will allow you to revisit Snowdin but we are going to head east. There's a doorway here where you can buy new weapons from an entrepreneurial turtle. The southern exit won't do anything for you at the moment, so keep moving east past two waterfalls.

Soon you may come across new enemy types:

Enemy Type Method



Talk to Temmie to spare her.



These will often appear alongside Moldsmal and will mimic their appearance. You can tell a Moldbygg as it won't wiggle. Choose to Unhug a moldbygg to spare it.

You'll come to a dark area with skinny paths. You need to follow them and interact with the mushrooms to light up the next pathway. After the third mushroom, double back to continue on the path.

The next area is much the same but more difficult. Instead of mushrooms, there are lamps, and they only remain lit for a short amount of time. Try to head North East as much as possible in order to get out of this area.

The next section will plunge you into darkness. Walk all the way to the left until you come to an echo flower. Talk to it and Undyne will once again appear and a small scene will play out but Undyne's fan gets in the way before the two of you can battle.

Go back west until you come to the grassy path that leads north and take it until you have to head east to another jetty.

Undyne's fan will catch up with you again and a scene will play where he dangles from the platform. You can choose to save him or not and it won't matter to your playthrough but you should probably save him because it's pretty mean not to. He and Undyne will both leave so you can continue east.


You'll come to a pass through a mountain but before you can go through Undyne will appear and challenge you. This will allow a save point to appear so you can save your game before starting one of the more challenging battles it has to offer.

Undyne Boss Fight

To get through the Undyne Boss fight as a pacifist the only thing you can really do is choose to flee whenever it's available. The dog residue from before may come in handy if you need to heal yourself during this battle.

Undyne will turn your heart green which means it can't move. Then she will send arrows at you. You have a block ability in the form a blue line. You need that blue line to be facing the direction the arrows come at you in order to not take damage.

Sometimes the arrows will be yellow, which means they will actually come from the opposite direction.

When your heart is red then you will need to act as usual and dodge the spears, much like from the previous encounters with her.

Once you manage to flee she will chase you, so move quicklly up through the tunnel. Undyne will catch you and you'll have to survive her attack to flee again so you can keep running.

Papyrus will call you during this just to add to the pressure. Don't worry, she won't come any closer while you are on the call.


After a long horizontal corridor you'll come to a desert area. Ignore Sans and walk across the bridge where Undyne will collapse. You must get her a cup of water from the cooler immediately if you want to complete a pacifist run.

Undyne will immediately get up and leave after you do so.

Undyne Date

Head east to save, then immediately go south and catch the boat back to Waterfall before you start to properly explore the Hotlands.

From where the boat drops you off head north and then west, to the area with a save point. Chose the most west path north from this area to find Undyne's house, Papyrus will be waiting out the front.

Talk to him and he will ask you to hang out - say yes, even though he will desert you soon after.

This leaves you in Undyne's house - your choices here don't really matter so just enjoy the spectacle. Eventually, she will challenge you to a sort of friendly fight - choose to 'fake hit' her and the battle will end.

You can now return to the boat and take it back where you left off in the Hotlands.

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