Mcgeorge School Of Law Academic Calendar (2024)

1. Calendars & Schedules — McGeorge | University of the Pacific

  • Academic Calendar. The academic calendar is published by the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. Academic Year 2023-2024 (pdf) · Academic Year 2024-2025 ...

  • Calendars & Schedules at McGeorge School of Law

2. [PDF] 2023 Academic Calendar - FALL - 2022 - McGeorge School of Law

  • FALL - 2022. JUNE. Fall Registration: Seniors, MSL, MPP, MPA, LLM, JSD & AHP. Tuesday, June 21. Fall Registration: All Other Continuing Students.

3. Mcgeorge Calendar

4. Sacramento Campus and Law Library - Upcoming Events

  • 16 · 23 ; 17 · 24 ; 18 · 25 ...

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5. Academic Calendar for On-Campus Programs - St. Thomas law school

6. College of Law Academic Calendar - The University of Tulsa

  • 2024 Spring Term. Jan. 10-12, Thursday-Friday, Foundations of Legal Study for Spring Start Students. Jan. 15, Monday, Martin Luther King Day, no classes.

7. TWEN | For Law Schools | The West Education Network

  • TWEN is a course management tool created for law schools. Create courses, post documents, link legal citations to Westlaw, and manage assignments.

8. University of Portland

  • At University of Portland, every academic program is rooted in a liberal arts core curriculum that allows you to test out your intellectual interests, change ...

  • University of Portland is an inclusive, Catholic, Northwest university guided by our mission to prepare ethical leaders who respond to the needs of the world.

9. Law School Academic Calendar | School of Law | University of Arkansas

  • School of Law Academic Calendar 2023-2026 ; Spring 2024. January 2-13: January Intersession (tentative); January 15: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday ( ...

10. CALI Excellence for the Future Awards

  • Georgetown Law · University of Alabama School... · University of Connecticut Law...

  • The CALI Excellence for the Future Award® program recognizes excellence achievement by law students in their studies. The award is given to the student with the highest grade in the class as determined by the instructor or registrar. Awardees receive a printed certificate and a permanent URL Virtual Award that they can link to from their online resumes or biographies.

Mcgeorge School Of Law Academic Calendar (2024)


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