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MACAU PART II (Newbies Refer to the First Page)

Welcome to our new home...the Macau thread Part II! Made by the macau addicts hahaha!

To start off, some FAQs muna tayo:

Getting there by AIR

There are three main airlines that fly regularly to Macau: Cebu Pacific (, Philippine Airlines (, and Air Macau. There are also announcements that Zest Air, SeAir, and Spirit of Manila Airlines will also be flying to Macau.


Philippine passport holders need NO visa to enter macau for thirty days. Likewise, you can also get to Macau via ferry. Three ferries ply the HKG-MFM route: from HKG side are Turbojet and Cotaijet (uses the Taipa Temporary Terminal), and from Tsim Sha Tsui side is New World First Ferry. Note that the Turbojet ferries reach Macau faster at almost 1 hour while NWFF ferries reach Macau for 1 hour and 15 minutes. It is highly recommended for you to purchase a 1-way ticket to Macau and then get your return ticket from HKG to MNL, lalo na if you are planning to visit HKG after visiting Macau (or vice versa). I have done this for like 8x already and there are no immigration issues. Just present your return ticket to Manila should the immigration officer ask for it as a proof of your onward/return ticket.


^^For hotels, we highly recommend Hotel Metropole and Hotel Sintra. There are also people here who stayed at Metropark and Hotel Ko Wah. I have stayed in Hotel East Asia but to be safe (since meron nagcomment na pangit daw dun hehehe), try Metropole or Sintra first. Recently, a lot of hotels have been discovered by Macau addicts such as Best Western Sun Sun, Best Western Taipa, Casa Real. Try to backread the first thread to be updated with the hotels that Macau addicts have tried.

For hostel, I can only think of Augusters lodge although not recommended if you have council of elders with you since asa 3rd floor sila and they don't have lift so you gotta haul all your luggages to get to the hostel.


If you have PHP with you, DO NOT exchange these PHP at the money changer at the ARRIVAL section of the Macau International Airport. The rate here is like 1 MOP=Php 30! The usual forex should be somewhere like 1 MOP=PHP 5.5! If you need to pay for the bus and taxi, try to buy Hong Kong Dollars here in Manila prior to your trip as HKD are also accepted in Macau (but MOP is NOT accepted in HKG).

If you have USD with you, the rate of USD to MOP at the airport forex is ok. It's the forex rate of the PHP to MOP which is very disadvantageous since it is a major ripoff. Many forex counters are readily available at the Senado Square in Macau/San Ma Lo area.


If there is one place where you can really travel on a tight budget, it has to be macau! You can check out the free shuttle services of the major casinos! If you want to visit The Venetian, all you gotta do is to catch the free shuttle service at the Macau Ferry Terminal. There are also free shuttles to the most casinos in the Macau island so you can actually explore Macau without budgeting for transpo. The trick here is to know the casino nearest your planned destination. For example, if you need to go to the Macau Ferry Terminal, you need to catch the free shuttle terminal to the sands since this is just across the ferry terminal and facing the Fishermans Wharf.


This is by no means exhaustive but below are the spots that should not be missed:

1. Ruins of St Paul at San Ma Lo

2. The Venetian Hotel

3. Fisherman's Wharf

4. The Macau Tower

5. Inner shops at San Ma Lo (for shopping hehehe)

6. Ama Temple

7. Pasteleria Kei Kou (for the beef jerky and tapa); located all over Macau

8. Sun Yat Sen Memorial

9. Camoes Garden/Guia Lighthouse

10. Bridges of Macau, especially at night


You will survive Macau by taking these two buses: AP-1 (from the Airport to Macau Ferry Terminal) and Bus #3. For AP-1, the fare is MOP 3.3 per head. You will drop the exact fare in the box beside the driver as soon as you get in. Note that you will not get any change so please prepare exact amount.

Bus #3 is the bus from the Macau Ferry Terminal to San Ma Lo. Fare is MOP 2.5 per head. Follow the same procedure in taking the AP-1 bus.

Note that the buses have designated stops. A tip: count the number of stops according to the list so that you will know if your stop will be the next.


You will survive Macau by taking these two buses: AP-1 (from the Airport to Macau Ferry Terminal) and Bus #3. For AP-1, the fare is MOP 3.3 per head. You will drop the exact fare in the box beside the driver as soon as you get in. Note that you will not get any change so please prepare exact amount.

Bus #3 is the bus from the Macau Ferry Terminal to San Ma Lo. Fare is MOP 2.5 per head. Follow the same procedure in taking the AP-1 bus.

Note that the buses have designated stops. A tip: count the number of stops according to the list so that you will know if your stop will be the next.


Cabs are readily available in Macau. Note however that there is surcharge from the Airport to Macau, and a surcharge again for every # of luggages placed in the compartment. The usual fare from the airport to san ma lo is roughly MOP 60-70. If you are travelling with 5 pax, please look for the cabs with the #5 prominently marked at the left side of the cab. this means that this cab can take as many as 5 pax.


General Information:

For All Your Hong Kong-related Questions, please visit this link:

Macau Thread 1 (for itineraries and more info)


How many days should I spend in Macau?

Minimum of 1 Day (12hours+) as part of a daytrip from Hong Kong

As an independent Macau-only trip, a maximum of 3-4 days.

When should I go to Macau?

Preferably not during summer. Summer is similar to Hong Kong, hot and humid.

Is 1 day enough to see all the important sites in Macau?


Are there particular days in the week to avoid Macau?

Weekends are generally packed. Avoid the weekends as much as possible.

Which is better: NWFF or Turbojet?

Turbojet has more new ferries but both are very safe and usually on-time. Turbojet can sometimes cut travel time by 15mins depending on the vessel.

How long does it take to go to Macau from Hong Kong?

Approximately 1 hour.

Will the ferry/catamarans cause sea-sickness?

Just to be sure, those sailing at night/bad weather and are sensitive should take Bonamin.

How early should we be in the ferry terminal for boarding?

At least 30minutes before if you have a return ticket and at least 45minutes if you don't.

Is a VISA required for Macau?

NO. (A passport is needed if you're coming/going to Hong Kong).

What currency do they accept/use?

Both Macau Pataca and Hong Kong Dollar are acceptable. Patacas are not accepted in Hong Kong.

What kind of cuisine do they serve in Macau?

Besides Chinese, Portugese and Macanese for an authentic experience.

What are the Hotel Free Shuttles?

These are free bus rides a hotel provides to/from the Macau airport, the Macau ferry terminal to their respective hotel. This is a good way of cutting costs but can also be time consuming. Some smaller hotels do not allow children in the free shuttles.

You DO NOT need to be a guest of that hotel to ride the free shuttle. If your destination/hotel is near a hotel with a free-shuttle, this is a cost-effective way of getting to your destination.

Can I do some shopping in Macau?

Macau isn't really a shopping destination, apart from a few stores in Senado Square and the high-end / luxury shopping in the hotels like Venetian and Wynn, there's really no big market or shopping mall in Macau.

It's my first time to go abroad, should I go to Hong Kong or Macau?

If cost is your number 1 criteria, Macau is cheaper than Hong Kong generally (airfare/hotel/sights).

However, if you want to truly experience being out of the country, Hong Kong would definitely be the easy choice. From the airport, to the subway system, to the busy streets, the famous skyline and numerous theme parks and tourist sights, HK will definitely be the best 1st time out-of-country experience.

Is Macau a good destination choice for kids?

Apart from Venetian, I doubt kids will appreciate the sights of Macau.

Do hotels/casinos require an attire?

To avoid any inconvenience, try your best to avoid wearing shorts and slippers.

What pasalubong can I bring back home?

Pastelaria Koi Kei's Peanut Candy, Egg Tart, Tapa and other pastries


Useful Websites for Macau:

General Information



Getting to Macau from Hong Kong:

From Kowloon (Mongkok/Tsim Sha Tsui)

Ride the NWFF Ferry in the HK China Ferry Terminal near Harbour City along 33 Canton Road in Tsim Sha Tsui

Chinese Name: 中國客運碼頭 or 中港碼頭

This ferry does not have a 24-hour service.

From HK Island (Causeway Bay/Central/Wanchai/North Point)

Ride the Turbojet in Shuntak Center in Sheung Wan

Chinese Name: 港澳碼頭

This ferry service is 24-hours.

From the HK International Airport (Skypier)


Top 10 Sights

1. Venetian Hotel (including the Venetian Shoppes, the Four Seasons Hotel and the Four Seasons Shoppes)

2. Senado Square (aka San Ma Lo)

3. Ruins of St. Paul

4. Wynn Macau / Casino Lisboa / Grand Lisboa (3 Adjacent Casinos)

5. Fisherman's Wharf

6. Guia Fortress / Lighthouse / Hill

7. Macau Tower

8. Museums (Macau Museum, Grand Prix Museum, Wine Museum)

9. Monte Fort

10. A-Ma Temple


Where to Eat:

瑪嘉烈蛋撻店 Cafe e Nata Margaret's


41A Rua Alm Costa Cabral R/C

(Near Ruins of St. Paul)

法蘭度餐廳 Restaurante Fernando


Hac Sa Beach No.9 Coloane

Praia de Hac Sa, 9

Bus: 15, 21A, 25, or 26A

(Far from Everything)

船屋葡國餐廳 A Lorcha


Rua do Almirante Sergio, 289 (Barra)

Bus: 1, 1A, 2, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10A, 11, 18, 21, 21A, 28B, or 34

(Near A-Ma Temple)

九如坊餐廳 Restaurante Platao


G/F Blk B, Jardim Lok Wa, Travessa S ()

(Side Street Beside McDonalds in Senado Square)

安德魯餅店 Lord Stow's Bakery

路環市中心撻沙街 1 號地下


**For the 3 restaurants above, prepare 100HKD+/meal/person**

**Inside the Venetian fastfood, prepare 50-70HKD/meal/person**


Where to Stay:

Hotel Recommendation -> President Hotel

Reasonable price, big clean rooms, big double beds, right in front of Wynn Macau.


Sample Itineraries:

Macau Daytrip from Hong Kong

Depart HK before 8am

9am to 10am Fisherman's Wharf

10am to 11am Senado Square and Ruins of St. Paul

11am to 3pm Venetian Macau

3pm to 5pm Macau Tower

5pm to 7pm Wynn Macau / Casino Lisboa / Grand Lisboa

8pm Depart Macau for HK

Depart HK before 8am

9am to 10am Fisherman's Wharf

10am to 11am Senado Square and Ruins of St. Paul

11am to 1pm Guia Hill

1pm to 4pm Venetian Macau

5pm to 7pm Wynn Macau / Casino Lisboa / Grand Lisboa

8pm Depart Macau for HK

Minimum Time to Spend for the Top Sights:

Venetian Macau - At least 2 hours

Senado Square / Ruins of St. Paul - At least 1 hour

Wynn Macau - At least 45mins

Fisherman's Wharf - At least 45mins

Monte Fort / Macau Museum - At least 1 hour



Snapshots of Macau



Bus Service

Macau is covered by a host of bus routes that bring passengers from the Macau peninsula to Taipa and Coloane from 6;00am to 12:00pm daily. The bus routes have great coverage and fare is cheap. The only consideration is which bus to hop on. Bus stops display information in Chinese and Portuguese, and some include descriptions of nearby scenic spots and important buildings. Most tourist destinations are accessible by public bus.



TAIPA - MOP$ 4.20




In Macau, there are two types of taxis for rent: yellow and black. They charge the same starting rate of MOP13 for the first 1,600 meters. Each additional 230 meters costs MOP1.5. Waiting incurs a charge of MOP1.5 per minute.There is also a luggage fee of MOP3 per bag. An additional MOP5 is applicable for taxis coming from the Macau International Airport and those leaving Macau for Coloane. The best places to hail a taxi are at the Border Gate, the ferry pier, Macau International Airport, and outside casinos and hotels have taxi stands.

Free Shuttle Buses

Many hotels offer free shuttle rides to and from the Border Gate and ferry port. Hop on a shuttle bus if your destination is a hotel or some place nearby.


Pedicab is slow but this is the most romantic way of experiencing the long sweep of the Praia Grande Bay, and the old and traditional streets downtown. Main locations for catching a pedicab are outside the Macau Ferry Terminal and opposite the main door of the Lisboa hotel. Fares are negotiable and make sure to agree on a price first but there are some fixed itineraries which costs between Mop$40-100.


Colourful, open-top mini-jeeps know as mokes are a fun way to get around and to explore the island of Taipa and Coloane. It is cheap and easy to hire. You can book them from a counter on the ground floor of the ferry terminal. Drivers must be at lest 21 years old and hold a valid International Driving License.


1.AMA TEMPLE- Bus # 1, 1A,2,5,6, 7, 9, 10,10A, 11, 18, 21, 21A, 28B, 26, 34



3. LILAU SQUARE - Bus # 10A, 18, 21, 21A, 28B


4. ST. LAURENCE CHURCH - Bus# 9, 16, 18, 28B






6. LEAL SENADO BUILDING - Bus #2,3,3A,4, 5, 7, 8A, 10, 11, 18,19, 21, 26A,33








7. RUINS OF ST. PAUL - Bus# 8A, 17, 18, 19, 26









8. GUIA FORTRESS CHAPEL - Bus # 2,6,9,9A,12,17,18,19,22,12,28C,32


World Heritage: "The Historic Centre of Macao"

Opening Hours

Monuments and Squares Opening Hours

A-Ma Temple* 7am - 6pm

Moorish Barracks Verandah: 9am - 6pm

Lilau Square 24/7

Mandarin's House Temporarily closed

St. Lawrence's Church* 10am - 4pm (access from Rua da Imprensa Nacional)

St. Joseph's Seminary and Church* Church: 10am - 5pm (access from Rua do Seminário)

Seminary: not open to the public

St. Augustine's Square 24/7

Dom Pedro V Theatre Theatre: Temporarily closed

Garden: 10am - 11pm

Sir Robert Ho Tung Library Library: 10am - 7pm (closed on Sundays)

St. Augustine's Church* 10:00 - 18:00

"Leal Senado" Building Gallery: 9am - 9pm (closed on Mondays)

Garden: 9am - 9pm

Senado Square 24/7

Sam Kai Vui Kun Temple* 8am - 6pm

Holy House of Mercy Museum: 10am - 1pm; 2pm - 5:30pm (closed on Sundays and public holidays). Small entrance fee.

Cathedral* 7:30am - 6:30pm

LoukAu Mansion Open every Saturday, Sunday and public holiday from 9am-7pm

(Open from Tuesday through Friday from 9am-7pm, when folk handicrafts activities are held.)

St. Dominic's Church* 10am - 6pm

Ruins of St. Paul's* Façade of the Church of Mater Dei: 24/7

Museum of Sacred Art: 9am - 6pm

Na Tcha Temple* 8am - 5pm

Section of the Old City Walls 24/7

Mount Fortress Fortress and gardens: 7am - 7pm

Macao Museum: 10am - 6pm (closed on Mondays)

St. Anthony's Church* 7:30am - 5:30pm

Casa Garden Gallery: 9:30am - 6pm (closed on Saturdays, Sundays and public Holidays)

Garden: 9:30am - 6pm

Protestant Cemetery* 9am - 5:30pm

Guia Fortress Fortress: 9am - 5:30pm

Chapel*: 10am - 5pm (no photographs allowed)

Lighthouse: not open to the public


Money Matters

Currency - The currency is the Pataca (MOP) = 100 avos. Notes are in denominations of MOP1000, 500, 100, 50, 20 and 10 and coins are in denominations of MOP5 and 1, and 50, 20 and 10 avos. Hong Kong dollars are used extensively and widely accepted.

Credit & Debit Cards - MasterCard and Visa are accepted. Check with your credit or debit card company for details of merchant acceptability and other services which may be available. You may also need a special pin number.

Travellers Checks - These may be exchanged at banks, bureaux de change and at many hotels. To avoid additional exchange rate charges, travelers are advised to take travelers checks in US Dollars or Pounds Sterling. It is also recommended that you not use them for small purchase from merchants as you may lose quite a bit in the exchange.

Currency Restrictions - There are no restrictions on the import or export of either local or foreign currency.

Banking Hours - Banking hours are normally 0900-1700 Monday to Friday, 0900-1200 Saturday.

Communication, Electricity, and Time

Telephone - IDD telephone service is available with the country code being 853. The outgoing international code is 00. International facilities are available at the General Post Office at Leal Senado Square, Macau City, the Central Post Offices in Taipa and Colôane, as well as all phone booths. Mobile telephone may be used with the dual band GSM network which covers the whole territory. Main operators include CTM (website: and the Hutchinson Telephone Company. Most hotels and many businesses have Fax facilities.

Internet/E-mail - ISPs include MacauWeb (

Telegram - Services available at larger hotels and telecommunication offices, as well as at all phone booths.

Electricity - Usually 220 volts AC, 50Hz. Be sure to have a converter and an adapter

Time - GMT + 8.


The main religions are Buddhism, Roman Catholicism and Protestantism. The majority of the people are Buddhists with the remain (about 7%) being Catholics and Protestants.


The official languages are Chinese (Cantonese) and Portuguese. English is widely spoken by those engaged in trade, tourism and commerce


Macau's most popular buys are jewelry (particularly gold and jade), Chinese antiques, porcelain, pottery, electronic gadgetry, cameras, watches and beading work. They are available at duty-free prices because Macau is a free port and no sales tax is charged. Other popular buys are Chinese herbs and medicines, dried seafood (such as sharks' fins), abalone, Chinese and Macau pastries, and locally-made knitwear sold at stalls. When purchasing antiques, gold and jewelry, it is advisable to patronize shops recommended by the Goldsmiths' and Jewelers' Association and the Macau Government Tourist Office. A warranty and a receipt should be asked for when buying jewelry, gold, cameras, watches and electrical goods.

Bargaining is expected on many items although most shops will have the same minimum price. When bargaining, begin at a price lower than you expect to pay and then work up to a price where you feel comfortable. If you cannot reach an agreement, begin to walk away. I have found that this often with bring the price down a little more.

The main shopping area is located along the Avenida do Infante D Henrique and Avenida Almeida Ribeiro, São Domingos Market, Rua de Palha, Rua do Campo and Rua Pedro Nolasco da Silva. Antiques and unique gifts may be found in Macau's flea market in the lanes around Rua das Estalagens (near St Paul's Ruins). There is an Artisan's Fair every Saturday evening in Santo Agostinho Square.

You can also head across the Chinese border to Zhuhai, where the first floor of the Gongbei market is well known for antiques, ceramics and fabrics. Software is also a good buy in Zhuhai.

The shopping hours are normally 1000-2000 for the whole week. Some shops may close on the first of every month

Customs and Duty Free

The following goods may be imported into Macau without incurring customs duty: 200 cigarettes or 50 cigars or 250g of tobacco products, 1 litre of wine and 1 litre of spirits, and other goods up to a value of MOP 10,000. There is a 5% duty on the import of electrical appliances and equipment. There are no export duties. However, as travel is almost invariably via Hong Kong, the relevant Hong Kong import/export regulations must be observed.

Restricted imports include fish, shellfish, meat and vegetables, all of which require an import permit. Prohibited items include firearms, narcotics, endangered species of animals and plants, and pesticides

Passports and Visas

A valid passport is required by all visitors with the exception of nationals of China who have a China Identity Card or travel permit and nationals of Hong Kong (SAR) who have a Hong Kong Identity Card (HKIC). Visas are required by all except the following: all EU countries, Czech Republic, Estonia, Iceland, Lebanon, Norway, Poland and Slovenia; and nationals of Australia, Brazil, Canada, Egypt, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Japan, Kiribati, The Republic of Korea, Liechtenstein, Malaysia, Mexico, Monaco, Namibia, New Zealand, Philippines, Samoa, Seychelles, Singapore, South Africa, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, the United States, nationals of China (PR), residents of Hong Kong (SAR), and Taiwan; and holders of a Hong Kong Identity Card (HKIC) or Hong Kong Permanent Identity Card.

Nationals of all EU countries, Czech Republic, Estonia, Iceland, Lebanon, Norway, Poland and Slovenia for stays of up to 90 days.

Nationals of Australia, Brazil, Canada, Egypt, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Japan, Kiribati, Korea (Rep. of), Liechtenstein, Malaysia, Mexico, Monaco, Namibia, New Zealand, Philippines, Samoa, Seychelles, Singapore, South Africa, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey and the USA for stays of up to 30 days;

(c) nationals of China (PR) with valid Macau entry/departure documents including residents of Hong Kong (SAR) and Taiwan for stays of up to 30 days;

(d) holders of a Hong Kong Identity Card (HKIC) or Hong Kong Permanent Identity Card or those with a Hong Kong Re-entry Permit for a visit of up to 1 year;

Visas are valid for 30 days and can be extended on application to the immigration office.



A Lorcha - stone's throw from A-Ma Temple- famous for clams prepared in garlic and olive oil, grilled lamb chops, baked minced beef potato pie

Rua do Almirante Sergio 289, Macau Tel: +853 313 193 Wed-Mon 12:30-3pm and 6:30-11pm

Alfonso III

Rua Central 11 (tel 586 272). Genuine and excellent Portuguese food in a Portuguese environment, though the waiters speak English. Centrally located, not far from Largo do Senado. Opening hours: Daily noon-3p & 6:30p-10:30p

A Petisqueira - Taipa Village - famous for Paella, plater of Portuguese sausage, ham & cheese, and fragrant Bacalhau codfish, thick and juicy tenderloin steak and tasty spicy prawns with garlic are must-tries. Mon-Fri noon-2:30pm; Sat-Sun and holidays noon-3pm; daily 7-10:15pm; Bus: 11, 15, 22, 28A, 30, 33, or 34

Bolo de Arroz

Travessa de São Domingos 11 (tel 339 089). Near the Largo do Senado, this is a great place for Portuguese pastries and some of the best coffee in town.

Clube Militar -famous for African chicken, curry crab and Macau fish fillet

Avenida de Praia Grande 795 (tel 714 009). Although this is a private club, the dining room is open to the public. A great way to see inside one of Macau's colonial buildings - which has been beautifully restored - although the food doesn't match the surroundings.

Dragon Restaurant, 40 Rua da Felicidade- famous for Baked Duck Rice

Fat Siu Lau -

Rua da Felicidade 64 (tel 573 585). 3 minute walk from MGM

A very popular, traditional old restaurant in an area busy with cafés and restaurants. Pigeon is the speciality.

Fernando's - famous for Portuguese chorizo, clams, crabs, codfish, feijoada, charcoal-grilled chicken

Praia de Hac 9, Coloane, Macau Tel: +853 328 264 Daily noon-9:30pm; Bus: 15, 21A, 25, or 26A


Regency Macau, P.O. Box 3008, 2 Estrada Almirante Marques Esparteiro, Taipa Island, Macau Tel: +853 831 234 Fax: +853 830 195

f*ck Lam Mun

Avenida Dr Mario Soares 259 (tel 786 622).

Excellent Cantonese seafood, although expensive.


Hotel Lisboa, Avenida da Amizade, Macau Tel: +853 388 568

Galo - house specialties as Macau crabs, prepared with a mixture of Shanghainese and Macanese ingredients, rather than curry. You might also want to try giant prawns, mussels, African chicken, Portuguese broad beans, or the mixed grill.

Rua dos Clerigos 45, Taipa Village, Macau Tel: +853 562 231; Mon-Fri 11am-3pm and 6:30-10:30pm; Sat-Sun 11:30am-10:30pm; Bus: 11, 22, 28A, 30, 34, or 35

Henri's Gallery -the best African Chicken in town

Avenida da Republica 4, Macau Tel: +853 556 251

Leitaria I Son

Largo do Senado 7. Virtually next door to Long Kei, this is an excellent milk bar offering milk with everything - fruit, chocolate, eggs, ice creams, puddings and breakfasts.

Li Jin Xuan

Hotel Ritz, Rua do Comendador Kou Ho Neng, Macau Tel: +853 966 633

Long Kei

Largo do Senado 7B (tel 573 970). A one-hundred-year-old traditional but inexpensive Cantonese restaurant, on the left side as you face the square from Almeida Ribeiro. Dim sum available.


Mandarin Oriental Macau, Avenida da Amizade 956-1110, Macau Tel: +853 567 888


Rua Carlos Eugenio 4-8, Taipa Island, Macau Tel: +853 827 646


Rua de São Tiago da Barra 25 (tel 969 000). A short walk south of the Maritime Museum and offering excellent Macanese dishes in a friendly atmosphere.

Pinocchio's Cozinha - famous for stir fried curry crabs and grilled spare

Rua do Sol 4, Taipa Island, Macau Tel: +853 827 128; bus #33, 28A

Pizzeria Toscana

Avenida da Amizade (tel 963 831). Genuine Italian food and not just pizzas, though these are superb, as is the coffee.

Pousada de Coloane

Praia de Cheoc Van, Colane, Macau Tel: +853 321 884

Praia Grande

Praca Lobo D'Avila, Rua Praia Grande. One of Macau's best restaurants, just outside the city centre. Pleasant staff, excellent food, good value

Solmar - Avenida da Praia Grande Macau - famous for African Chicken.



A-Ma Temple is located on the south-western tip of the Macao Peninsula overlooking Barra Square and the seashore. Around the corner of A-Ma Temple is the Moorish Barracks situated on Barra Street. Further up the road, the narrow street suddenly opens onto Lilau Square, the first residential district of the Portuguese settlers in history where the Mandarin's House is just tucked behind the pastel façades across the street. Further up the road, Barra Street connects into Padre António Street and Lourenço Street where St. Lawrence's Church stands. Behind the church, Prata Street leads to the junction of São José Street where the grand entrance to St. Joseph's Seminary and Church is located. Walking alongside the granite wall on Prata Street and the adjoining Seminário Street, one arrives at the junction of Gamboa Lane. Climbing up the hill from there, the path leads to St. Augustine's Squareenclosed by a cluster of monuments - St. Augustine's Church, Sir Robert Ho Tung Library and Dom Pedro V Theatre.

Moving down Tronco Velho Lane to Almeida Ribeiro Avenue, the narrow streetscape opens onto the main city square - Senado Square. Situated at one end, the "Leal Senado" Buildinghas a commanding view overlooking the entire square, flanked on both sides by South European-style buildings with the glimmering white façade of the Holy House of Mercy standing in its midst. Tucked behind the commercial shop fronts to the left of the Leal Senado Building is the Sam Kai Vui Kun Temple. Climbing up the slope alongside the Holy House of Mercy, one eventually lands at Cathedral Square on the hilltop where the Cathedral is located. Turning back down to St. Dominic's Square, one passes a typical Chinese courtyard house compound - the LouKau Mansion. St. Dominic's Church is located at the junction of Senado Square and Dominic's Square. Ascending from the base of Mount Hill from this urban piazza along Palha Street, the bluestone cobbled road leads to the grand façade of the Ruins of St. Paul's, with Mount Fortress to the side of it. Behind the majestic church front, is the miniature Na Tcha Templeand Section of the Old City Walls. Further down the hill, the linear route ends at St. Anthony's Church, the Casa Garden and the Protestant Cemetery. Standing on the highest hill of Macao Guia Hill, Guia Fortress, Chapel and Lighthouse are visible along the skyline of the peninsula.




Airport to Macau City - AP1 Bus or taxi for only MOP$60-70

For PM arrival - check-in hotel

Venetian Hotel - ride free shuttle from the ferry terminal

Wynn Hotel - ride free shuttle


Senado square- Bus # 3, 3A

Ruins of St. Paul (大三巴)- walk from Senado

Monte Fort & Macau Museum (澳門博物館)  - right side if facing Ruins

Na Tcha Temple - left side if facing Ruins then go down & walk to your right

St. Anthony Church -10-minute walk from Na Tcha

Camoes Garden - walk at the side of St Anthony

Casa Garden - near Camoes

Flora Garden - ride Bus #17 (4th stop)

Guia Hill - ride cable car to go up- FARE - MOP$3.00 round trip

Guia Fortress - go up from Guia Hill

Macau Tower - Bus # 18

Ama Temple - Bus 18

Nam Van Lakes/Cybernetic Fountain - Bus # 6

Lisboa Hotel - Bus # 6

Check this out:

Words useful to tourists are:

• 'rua and estrada' both means 'road'

• 'avenida' means 'avenue'

• 'largo' means 'square'

• 'restaurante' means 'restaurant'




Airport to Macau City - AP1 Bus or taxi for only MOP$60-70

For EVENING arrival - check-in hotel

Wynn Hotel - walk from Lisboa


Senado square- Bus # 3, 3A

Ruins of St. Paul (大三巴)- walk from Senado

Monte Fort & Macau Museum (澳門博物館)  - right side if facing Ruins

Na Tcha Temple - left side if facing Ruins then go down & walk to your right

Venetian Hotel - Bus# 3A from Central to the ferry then ride free shuttle & back

Fisherman's wharf/Sands Hotel - walk or ride free shuttle from the ferry

Lotus Flower - just cross from Fisherman's Wharf

Wine Museum & Grand Prix Museum - walk from Lotus

Nam Van Lake/Cybernetic Fountain - Bus # 23

Macau Tower - Bus # 23

Lisboa - Bus # 9A


Ama Temple - bus # 9 from Lisboa

Maritime Museum - walk

Taipa Village/Taipa Houses - Bus # 11 from Ama

Macau Stadium/Four Faced Buddha - Bus #33

Coloane/Hac Sa beach - Bus #25

Lisboa - Bus # 25







(peak season)

New Year Celebrations- 1st of January

Chinese New Year

End of January; beginning of February; 1st day of the First Moon

Procession of the Passion of Christ - February / March

St Augustine Church

Feast of Tou Tei - March

Easter Celebrations - March / April

Macau Arts Festival - March / April

Ching Ming Festival - April

Birthday of Pak Tai - April

A-Ma Festival - April / 23rd day of the Third Moon

Bathing of the Lord Buddha Festival - May / 8th day 4th Moon

Drunken Dragon Festival - May / 8th day 4th Moon

Tam Kong Festival - May / 8th day of the Fourth Moon

Procession of Our Lady of Fatima - 13th May

Dragon Boat Festival - May-June / 5th day of the 5th Moon

Women Volleyball Grand Prix - August

Feast of Maidens - August / 7th day of the 7th Moon

Hungry Ghosts Macau Festival - August / 14th day of the 7th Moon

Mid-Autumn or Moon Macau Festival - September / October

Chung Yeung Festival - Sept-Oct / 9th day 9th Moon

International Fireworks Display Contest - September / October

International Music Macau Festival - October

Macau Grand Prix - November

Macau Food Festival - November

Macau International Marathon - December

Christmas Macau Festival Celebrations - 25th December



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Hotel Sintra -

Wynn Hotel -

Hotel Lisboa -

Macau Masters Hotel -

Emperor Hotel -

Grand Emperor Hotel -

Casa Real Hotel -

Venetian Hotel -

MGM Grand Hotel -

Grandview Taipa Hotel -

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Augusters Lodge -



In the city that never sleeps, a cold beer is never more than a hop, skip and jump away. Explore Macau's nightlife which stylish hotel lounges, chilled out sports bars, pumping discos, karaoke outlets and chilled out wine bars. Macau's nightspots are only going to get hotter as the Cotai Strip emerges.

A big night out on the town can take you from the taverns of Taipa to the live international acts and performances in the casino clubs to throbbing clubs like DD3 and Fashion Club in Fisherman's Wharf.

The best place to club hop is on Macau's very own Lan Kwai Fong, in the NAPE area, which is packed with bars and karaoke pubs.


Cinnebar, a chic lobby bar, has a stylish design matched by distinctive signature co*cktails and a wide selection of drinks.


G/F, Wynn Macau, Rua Cidade de Sintra, NAPE, Macau


+853 8986 3838

Bellini Lounge

You might be surprised to find that one of the friendliest bars in town is located in a corner of the casino floor of The Venetian.

Fashion Club

Located in Macau Fisherman's Wharf, Fashion Club is a nightclub and karaoke bar that gets crowded during the weekends.


Macau sporting events are sure to thrill both participants and spectators. Macau's stadiums and sporting facilities mean it is often a top choice for international sporting events, such as the East Asian Games. But the most famous and anticipated sporting event in Macau has to be the Macau Grand Prix which takes place every November and attracts over 300 racers. It is the only street circuit racing event where cars and motorcycles race - many of whom head to the Motor Sports Club for to get behind the wheel of a go-kart at this challenging and world-class track.

Another first for Macau is the Macau Tower Bungy - known as the world's highest commercial bungy jump. Operated by the King of Bungy - New Zealander AJ Hackett - you'll know you're in safe, dependable hands, even as you throw propel yourself into the air - 338 meters above the ground. Other thrilling options including mast climbing, jumping to the tower's base or the Sky Jump (a less challenging type of bungy jump) are available, as are options for the kids.

Get some exercise and fresh air on a good day, by hiring a bicycle from Taipa Village and discovering what Macau has to offer on two wheels. Make friends with a retired race horse at the Macau Horse Riding School, which takes riders as young as 8 for affordable and fun lessons in Coloane.

What many people don't realize is that there are many options for families with young kids to get outdoors. The beaches at Coloane are safe for swimming, and there are vendors selling water sports equipment like canoes and water scooters. Coloane also has many parks with playgrounds and clearly marked hiking trails, of varying difficulties.

Go Karting

Just a short hop away from the city is an attraction every motorsports enthusiast should visit, in the form of the modern racing circuit run.


Estrada de Seac Pai Van, Coloane, Macau


+853 2888 2126

Opening Hours

Monday - Friday 11:30 - 19:00 ; Saturday - Sunday &; Public Holiday 11:00 - 20:00


Locker room, Media Room, Storage facilities, racing suits,


Participants must be at least 16 years old

MOP100/person/10 minutes , MOP180/person/20 minutes

Go Kart - Group Rates: Monday to Friday - MOP2880/10 go karts/60

Adventure Sports

AJ Hackett Macau Tower brings the excitement of Adventure Sports to Macau. AJ Hackett, a New Zealander, put bungy jumping into the international spotlight in 1987 when he leapt from the Eiffel Tower in Paris. He now operates Adventure Sports facilities around the world, including the activities at Macau Tower.


Level 61, Macau Tower Convention & Entertainment Centre, Largo da Torre de Macau


+853 8988 8656

Opening Hours

Monday - Friday 11:00 - 19:30 , Saturday & Sunday 10:00 - 19:30

Ground Activities - MACAU TOWER

$ = MOP = HK$

Price list

(per person)

Solo Climber (include certificate and exclusive Mast Climb T-Shirt)


Souvenir of your Mast Climb :

CD -$300

Photo -$100

DVD -$300

CD + Photo -$349

CD + DVD - $499

Bungy Jump (includes certificate, membership card & exclusive Bungy Jump T-shirt)


2nd Jump


Souvenir of your Bungy Jump :

CD - $249

Photo (a set of 2 photos) -$249

DVD - $249

CD + Photo + DVD - $599

Full Package (Bungy Jump + CD + DVD + Photo + T-shirt) -$2,088

SkyJump (includes certificate, membership card & exclusive T-shirt)


2nd Jump


Tandem SkyJump (includes certificate, membership card & exclusive T-shirt)

$1,688 per a group of 2 persons

(2 persons only, total weight not to exceed 120kg)

Souvenir of your SkyJump & Tandem SkyJump :

CD - $100

Photo (a set of 2 photos) -$120

DVD -$199

CD + Photo + DVD -$300

Full Package (SkyJump + CD + DVD + Photo + T-shirt)



CD (includes "Your SkyJump" activity photos) -$100

CD (2 Jumpers in 1CD) -$170

CD (3 Jumpers in 1CD) -$240

CD (4 Jumpers in 1CD) -$300

CD (5 Jumpers in 1CD) -$350

*Add additional jumper to DVD for $100 (Maximum 5 jumpers per DVD and must be purchased prior to jumps)


Skywalk X (includes certificate, membership card, CD and exclusive T-shirt) - $588

Souvenir of your Skywalk X :

Photo -$50

*Above price does not include tower entry ticket

*Photo (includes print photo & a folder with certificate)

*CD (includes all of your activity photos)

*DVD (includes your video and bonus AJ Hackett Extreme Activities)

*Above prices are subject to change without prior notice

*Present our membership card and receive a 20% discount off all AJ Hackett Operation World Wide

High Activities are open 7 days a week

*Present the membership card to receive a 20% discount off further visits to AJ Hackett Operations World-wide.

Adventure Sports

Located at Macau Fisherman's Wharf, the War Game Arena in Aladdin's Fort is Macau's newest combat sport arena.


Avenida da Amizade e Avenida Dr. Sun Yat-Sen, Macau


+853 8299 3300

Opening Hours

Daily 14:00 - 22:00


Shoot on Target: MOP 40/person/25 shoots (Stationary board), MOP 50/person/ 25 shoots (Movable board)

Spy in Action: MOP 100/ person/ 200 shoots

Action Combat: MOP 200/ person/ 200 shoots


Guests must be 13 years or older. Parental consent is needed if patrons are between 13-18 years.


While saunas are targeted at men, spas in Macau are usually family oriented affairs that offer services for both men and women and welcome children. Swedish, Thai, Aromatherapy and Chinese body massages as well as foot massages are popular with tourists who need to relax after a long day of shopping and sightseeing in and around Macau. For women, beautifying treatments such wraps, scrubs, facials, pedicures and manicures are also available at most spas.

Numerous spas in Macau found in 5-star hotels like Wynn Macau, Mandarin Oriental Macau, The Venetian Macao and MGM Grand have internationally trained therapists offering state of the art beauty treatments and massages which pamper their clients like a celebrity.

Hotels like the Holiday Inn, Metropole and Grand Waldo also have family spas offering a wide variety of treatments in professional settings at more down-to-earth prices.

Tea Tree Spa

This international spa is a treat for the mind and body. With spas around the world, Tea Tree Spa has a strict international standard


9/F Holiday Inn Macau, Rua de Pequim, No 82-86, Macau


+853 8790 1930

Opening Hours

Daily 12:00 - 02:00


Arrive at least 15 minutes before appointment


A 4-hour cancellation notice is required or else full charges apply.

Facility Fee

Facility fee is in addition to treatment price.

Most popular package

"Tea Tree Signature" and "Because You Deserve It"

Most popular service

Foot Massage and Traditional Massage


Cash, Credit Card



Additional Facilities

Private suite with Private Jacuzzi, Floral Bath, Steam shower and Sauna

Mandarin Oriental Spa

Life giving rituals have been practiced in every culture since the beginning of time. Ancient people have lived in balance with the rhythms of nature and have understood that each person is a unique combination of elements with individual needs at different times.


Mandarin Oriental Macau, 956-1110 Avenida da Amizade, Macau


+853 8793 4824

Opening Hours

Daily 10:00 - 22:00


Arrive at least 30 minutes before appointment.


A 3-hour cancellation or alteration notice is required. Late cancellations or "no-shows" are subjec

Most popular service

Oriental Harmony Macanese Sangria Ritual


Cash, Credit Card


Recommended. Reservation must be secured by credit card.

Additional Facilities

Separate changing areas Private outdoor spa garden with a Jacuzzi and outdoor rain shower Dry sauna Steam room Indoor vitality pool Relaxation lounge Spa boutique

Spa Philosophy

This world-class standard spa is a great choice for men or women worn down from city pollution, or who just need a spot of serious pampering for their body and senses.


327-337 Avenida Xian Xing Hai, Nam On Fa Un Building, Unit C & D, Macau


+853 2872 8330

Opening Hours

Monday - Saturday: 10:00 - 22:00 , Sunday & Public Holidays: 10:00 - 19:00


Guests are encouraged to arrive 10-20 minutes before appointment.


A 24-hour cancellation or alteration notice is required. Late cancellations or "no-shows" are subje


Cash, Credit Card


Recommended. Reservation must be secured by credit card.



Gondola Rides

Gorgeous gondoliers will serenade you with "O solo mio (My Sun)" - echoing throughout The Venetian as you drift through the San Luca, Marco Polo and Grand Canals aboard our beautifully crafted gondolas. Weave your way past the Grand Canal Shoppes from Sunday to Thursday between 10:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m. or on Fridays and Saturdays from 10:00 a.m. to midnight.

Tickets are available at Boutique di Gondola (Shop No. 2301) and Emporio di Gondola (Shop No. 2660) at just MOP108 (per ride) for adults and MOP80 (per ride) for children.


Sunday - Thursday: 10:00 a.m. - 11:00 p.m.

Fridays and Saturdays: 10:00 a.m. - midnight


Boutique di Gondola (Shop No. 2301)

Emporio di Gondola (Shop No. 2660)


MOP108 (per ride) for adults

MOP80 (per ride) for kids


Half-Day Tour- TAIPA & COLOANE

Enjoy a tour of Coloane and Taipa, during your stay in Macau. Coloane's A-Ma Cultural Village (devoted to Macau's most revered fisherman goddess), St. Francis Xavier Chapel (a beautiful little chapel set in a square in Coloane Village) and Lord Stow's Bakery (home of Macau's most famous egg tarts).

Over on Taipa, you will have a chance to step into the former residences of wealthy Macanese families. These residences have been remodeled into Taipa Houses Museum, and from there you can walk over and explore the Old Village of Taipa full of colorful restaurants and plenty of souvenirs to bring home. On Mondays, the Taipa Houses Museum is closed. In place of the Museum, you will have an opportunity to visit the nearby Lady of Carmel Church and garden


1-Day Family Tour

If you only have one day in Macau

Have a local breakfast: Start the day off on with a hearty bowl of fish, pork or chicken porridge (congee) with or without an egg and crispy dough fritters. The Chinese cafes in Senado Square sell a range of breakfast noodles and porridge, or just look down one of the narrow side streets and follow the crowd to a make-shift stall where you can see people sitting on stools slurping away. Wash it down with a cup of hot tea or strong coffee or the kids can have soya bean milk. Tykes who prefer something Western can have their hotcakes and McMuffins at the McDonalds in Senado Square.

Explore the historical sites: Explore the historical sites in Senado Square. There is no entry fee to see buildings and temples like LouKau Mansion, St. Dominic's Church, Cathedral, Holy House of Mercy and Kuan Tai Temple are a few minutes' walk of each other - just follow the signs. And no visit to Macau is complete without a photo in front of symbol of Macau - The Ruins of St. Paul's. Only the front façade is left, but there are stairs behind which allow you to climb up and peek out of the second level.

Discover Macau's history: The stairs above The Ruins of St. Paul's will take you up to the Macau Museum. Housed within the battlement walls of the old Monte Fort, it has cannons overlooking the city on the upper level. Well worth a visit, it gives an in depth look into the history of Macau and is colorful enough to keep all but the youngest children interested for at least 45 minutes. There are daily guided tours catered for children as young as 5 and activities with prizes for children who can answer questions correctly. A section of the museum has computers with educational games targeted at children, and there occasionally children's workshops and events.

Lunch in the tallest building in Macau - the Macau Tower: Café 360 is Macau's only revolving restaurant and from the 60th floor, you can enjoy breathtaking views. There is a wide range of cuisines on offer, include local specialties, and a dessert selection, which will satisfy the fussiest palate.

Live life on the edge: Parents and kids 13 years old and above can try the bungy jump, but be warned that you'll need a stomach of steel, because from up there, it's a long way down. The Sky Jump, is a controlled decent from the same height, which lasts about 20 seconds, and is open for anyone above 10 years old. But we highly recommend the whole family try the Sky Walk, which is a 15-minute walk on an outdoor circular metallic platform on the 57th floor of the Macau Tower. While it feels like there's nothing between you and the ground below, a sturdy safety harness ensures your safety. While it's a sure way to get butterflies in your stomach, it's so safe that children as young as 3 can take part. Now's an opportunity to get a family photo like none other - a guide taking photos will encourage you to strike daring poses with your feet hanging off the edge of the platform.

Shop till you drop: Kids will go crazy at the Toys "R"Us and Warner Bros. Studio Store on the ground floor of the Macau Tower. Other than apparel and stationary, there is a selection of over 3,500 types of toys. After all that excitement stop for a fresh pastry and a cup of coffee in the basem*nt of the Macau Tower. The bakery sells delicious Western style afternoon tea treats like donuts, muffins and croissants, and has a sandwich bar with a wide range of artisan breads on offer.

Go-kart: Head to the nearby Macau Motor Sports Club to try out one of the best go kart tracks in the region. Children must be at least 16-years-old to drive, although double go karts are available, where children can enjoy the thrill of being a passenger while driven by an adult. Whether or not you go for a spin, have a hot drink or afternoon tea in one of the booths, in the shape of a go-kart, while watching the real karts on the track whizz past.

Ice cream and gondola rides at The Venetian: Head to the Cotai Strip - the home of Macau's largest casino, The Venetian Macao-Resort-Hotel and shop at its Grand Canal Shoppes, which have everything from clothes to electronics to books, chocolate and ice cream for sale. Go for a ride in a gondola, steered by a singing gondolier. If you are a guest of the hotel, try a round of mini golf at Grado Golf course, a new mini golf course which is on the rooftop of the Grand Canal Shoppes.

Jungle dinner: Have dinner at the jungle themed 3-Monkeys Restaurant. Kids love the Fajitas, which come out on a steaming platter and are accompanied by monkey sounds. The giant burgers with homemade patties are another hot favorite. The giant toy monkeys evoke squeals of delight from most young diners.


1-Day Macau Cultural Tour

If you have only 1 day in Macau

9am - 12pm

Begin your day on the picturesque Macau peninsula on the peak of Penha Hill. While it is accessible on foot, it is highly recommended that you catch a cab up there so that you don't tire yourself out. This is where the first chapel in the Portuguese settlement, the Chapel of Our Lady Penha, sits. As you approach the chapel, it seems to be shrouded in somberness and mystery. Some parts of the simply-landscaped grounds are overgrown with vegetation, adding to its mystery. Take time to enjoy the panoramic view of the inner harbour, the Macau-Taipa Bridgeand nearby towns in China across the Pearl River. You can also admire the juxtaposition of new modern architectures against the weather beaten buildings around the Nam Van Lake area. If you go down a flight of stone steps past the statue of Mother Mary, you will find a large Lady of Lourdes grotto that is still popular with Catholic devotees.

Stroll down the hill towards the Barra Square. This is where the first Portuguese settlers arrived in the 16th century. Here, your attention will immediately be caught by the vibrant colors of the temple gates and the spiraling coils of incense burning at the A-Ma Temple, Macau's oldest temple. With about 25% of Macanese are A-Ma worshippers and 200 million devotees worldwide, this temple is always busy. Stone inscriptions of Chinese poetry and stone grottoes with taped recordings of Buddhist chants make for an intoxicating sensorial experience.

Before you explore this temple, do drop in the Maritime Museum where you can get a better understanding of the temple's significance and get a sense of Macau's beginnings. Informative exhibits also explain Macau's significant religious festivals.

A 3-minute walk north of the square will take you to the Moorish Barracks. If you lose your bearings, just keep an eye out of the official olive tourist signposts. This neo-classical brick-and-stone building will be hard to miss as it sits on a raised granite platform. Once the home of a police regiment of Goa, it now serves as the office of the Macau Maritime Administration.

This same street will soon lead you to Lilau Square which is almost inconspicuous if not for the dilapidating yellow-and-red blocks on its right. These buildings are the remaining testament of its former past as the first Portuguese residential district in the settlement. Across the square, hidden behind pastel buildings, is the Mandarin's House where the famous Chinese thinker and literary figure, Zheng Guan Ying, lived. Unfortunately, this house is still undergoing renovation works.

If you continue along Colcada da Barra, you will hit Rua Padre Antonio and Rua de Sao Lourenco. Here is where you will see St Lawrence's Church. Its grandiose exterior contains an exquisite sky-blue and canary interior decorated with gold chandeliers and stained glass windows. It is easily one of the most beautiful of churches in Macau.

Behind here you can find another important Macanese church - the St Joseph's Seminary and Church. Many foreign and Macanese missionaries to China and Southeast Asia have been trained here, and it continues to operate as a seminary. The elaborate Baroque architecture of the church is well-preserved and beautiful to behold.

Head back to Rua do Seminario and walk towards the junction of Calçada do Gamboa. Follow the path up the hill and you will soon reach the cobblestoned pavements of the small St Augustine's Square. A cluster of postcard-perfect monuments surrounds this square - St. Augustine's Church, Sir Robert Ho Tung Library and Dom Pedro V Theatre. Even on busy tourist days, these monuments are still able to exert a calming influence on the visitor. A couple of notable firsts occured here - fhe first English sermon in Macau was preached at St. Augustine's while Dom Pedro V was the first western-styled theatre in China. As you exit the square and head towards Senado Square, you will see a lovely mansard-roofed building that houses Banco Delta Asia, a local independent bank. While bearing no particular historical significance, the dollhouse-like building is pretty to look at.

12 - 1pm

Now that you've viewed almost half of the monuments on the World Heritage List, it is time to reward yourself with a feast. Senado Square, the historical centre of Macau, offers a veritable spread of cuisinary delights. If you feel the need to escape the crowd, get to the Restaurante Platao, just round the corner from MacDonalds. You can choose to dine in the al-fresco garden or in air-conditioned comfort. This popular restaurant serves both traditional and re-invented Portuguese and Macanese fare. Their biscuit mousse dessert is especially good. Those in search of more Chinese offerings can head over to Wong Chi Kei for their fine Cantonese noodles and congee. Try the traditional Cantonese favourite of 'Wanton Noodles' in soup. Famous personalities like Chris Patten and Hong Kong silverscreen dames have dined here.

1 - 4 pm

Before you continue to explore the area, pop into the Tourist Information Counter inside the Macau Business Tourism Centre, near the water fountain. You can get useful tourist maps and guides. Just behind this building is the Sam Kai Vui Kun Temple. Formerly the guild house for a commercial association, the Sam Kai Vui Kun or Three Streets Association, it now is a temple dedicated to Kuan Tai, the God of War and Riches. Built sometime in the 18th century, this was also where Qing Dynasty edicts were announced in the past.

As you continue to explore the historical gems that surround Senado Square, you will be pleased to note that an abundance of artifacts at many of these places can be viewed for free. These exhibits will give you an insight into Macau's bi-cultural character and how she came to be. Unique architectural designs that further reflect the cross-pollination of the East and West can be spotted in many of these buildings.

We suggest that you begin from the General Post Officeand work your way through the Leal Senado Building, the Holy House of Mercy Cathedral, Bishop of Macau's Office (also known as 'The Bishop's Palace or Residence'), LouKau Mansion, before going to St. Dominic's Church. Religious museums featuring Catholic statues, paintings and liturgical objects are found inside the Holy House of Mercy, St Dominic's Church and at the Ruins of St Pauls. The Loukau Mansion is an opportunity for you to admire classic Guangzhou 'xiguan' architecture that infuses Western elements into its design - something that you did not manage to see earlier at the Mandarin's House.

As you go toward the Ruins of St Paul's, you may find your nose overwhelmed by rich aromas wafting from the many shops selling Macanese snacks like the famous almond cookies, peanut cookies, sweet egg wafers and local beef jerky. The most famous local chain is the Pasteleria Koi Kei. Free samples abound. If you intend to buy any of these goodies, consider buying them on your way down from the ruins.

At the Company of Jesus Square, you will be welcomed by two peculiar bronze sculptures that flank the path. One is of a young lady, posed rather provocatively on a low stone wall, with her dog. Another show a lotus flower being passed between a young man and woman. This sculpture supposedly symbolizes the friendship between China and Portugal.

Remember to take a snapshot of the Ruin's of St Paul's, Macau's iconic symbol, before you head up those 66 steps. This remaining façade of the Church of Mater Dei is rather imposing and awe-inspiring. Other than its architectural merit and place in Macau Catholic history, it is also a marvel as it is the only part of the entire compound to survive the great inferno in 1835.

If you are in need of some good fortune, climb up to the second level behind the façade to toss coins out of the window as many other superstitious tourists do. The remains that you see today were excavated between 1990 and 1995, and have been converted into a museum consisting of a crypt and sacred art relics dating as far back as the 16th century. Elegant glass niches in the crypt walls contain the remains of missionary matyrs in Japan and Vietnam as well as monks and clergy men once buried in the church. While the crypt is a serene space built around an solid-block marble altar, those who are easily spooked can choose to view it at a distance from the upper balustrade.

Take it easy as you go up Mount Fortress as the slopes and stairs are rather steep and exhausting. An easy way up is to ride the escalators that go to Macau Museum. However, the fit and able-bodied should try tackling the slopes and stairs as you will be able to catch a glimpse of the old fortress tunnels. Just when you think you cannot think another step, there is hole -in-the-wall café located near the top where you can rest your tired legs and grab a cool drink.

Either ways, just getting to the top will give you an almost perfect 360° view of the entire Macau island and even into China. Today, the fortress tunnels house the Macau Museum. This museum is worth a visit as it pulls together artifacts to tell the story of Macau's complex heritage spanning the historical, commercial, religious, social-cultural and folk art aspects.

Take the escalator down through the museum and walk towards the Na Tcha Temple that sits just by St Paul's ruins.While she stands next to the larger and more imposing St Paul's ruins, her cultural and religious significance is not to be dwarfed. She was built and dedicated to the child-warrior deity, Na Tcha, in a bid to stop a raging plague in 1888. Next to the temple is the remains of the Old City Walls.

4 - 6pm

Antique hunters can dive into the many antique shops around the Rua de S.Paulo piazza. These shops not only specialize in the sale of authentic antiques but also quality reproductions of pieces. Prices are reasonable and shipping to just about any destination in the world is available. Mobilias Mei Choi is one such shop that has four branches along this street.

If your legs can still take the pounding, walk towards St Anthony's Church. Another small cluster of World Heritage sites await you - Camoes Square, Casa Garden and the Protestant Cemetery. You can also catch a cab or the bus.

A handful of popular temples are situated around here as well - Tai Soi Miu, Lin Kai Miu and Tai Soi Miu or the Temple of the Sleeping Buddha is located behind Camoes Garden. It is popular amongst women devotees who come here to offer prayers and offerings to the goddesses of fertility and child rearing. Different year gods and prayer halls dedicted to Pau Kung, Kun Iam and Chung Kwei can be found here.

6 - 8pm

End the day with a dinner at any of the eateries around the Barra Point area. If you like some hearty and homely Macanese cuisine and quality Portuguese vintage wines, the Litoral is ideal.

But if you rather a more modern dining experience, pick any of the four restaurants at the Macau Tower. While you may not be overly enthused by the tower's claims of being ranked the 10th tallest free-standing structure in the world, and the 8th tallest in Asia, you will enjoy the views from its the observation deck. There, you can marvel at how a place with such small land mass is able to contain so much history and buzz.


1-Day Guide for Thrill Seekers

If you only have one day in Macau

Breakfast: Breakfast at Café Bela Vista at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. Inspired by the historical Hotel Bela Vista in Portugal, the restaurant reflects the character of a Portuguese family home. With the classic columns and mosaic floors and peaceful ambience, it's easy to imagine that you're dining in a Portuguese stately home. Choose from a la carte offerings such as the American or Continental breakfast or if you're feeling ravenous, why not try the buffet.

The world's highest bungy jump: AJ Hackett at the Macau Tower has the honor of having the world's highest bungy jump. Even though they have a 100% safety record, even those with the hearts of a lion will still feel their stomach doing little summersaults when they get up on the bungy launch pad 223 meters high and look down on sky scrapers. There are a range of other less terrifying options, including the Sky Walk, which involves walking around a rail-free circular platform. Put aside at least 3 hours if you plan to try the mast climb, which involves hiking right up to the mast of the skyscraper - an eye popping 338 meters above the ground. It's one of the only places in the world you'll get to climb a skyscraper.

Go downtown: The historical centre of Macau is at Senado Square - which is where you'll find several of Macau's most famous landmarks within walking distance. The picturesque pedestrian-only Square is a mix of the old and new, with lovingly restored Macanese houses sitting side by side Starbucks and Chinese medicine shops. Take a stroll up to The Ruins of St. Paul's - helping yourself to the free samples of pastries that vendors will be handing out along the way, and sample a Portuguese egg tart of 2. Put aside at least 45 minutes for a whirlwind tour of the Macau Museum, which is housed within battle fort right by the side of The Ruins of St. Paul's.

Local lunch: Get a taste of local cuisine at a family-run Macanese or Portuguese restaurant. On Rua do Almirante Sergio there are 3 which are known among locals for consistently good service and food. You can't go wrong with A Lorcha, Litoral and O Porto Interior - which are all down-to-earth restaurants who do great African Chicken and Baked Cod - but be sure to ask for their specialties. Those with a sweet tooth should try the range of local desserts. Portuguese wines are known for good quality at low prices, so if you're partial for a drink, pair a bottle with your meal.

Explore Macau's nautical heritage: On the same road as the restaurants is the Maritime Museum, which pays homage to Macau's past as an international port. Legend has it that the red A-Ma Temple right by the museum is the exact spot where the Portuguese first landed in Macau.

Go karting: Take a cab out to visit Coloane - the most picturesque of Macau's 2 islands and burn rubber at the Macau motorsports Club's go-kart track. Not for your typical Sunday driver it is one of the most exciting kart-racing circuits in Southeast Asia. People from Hong Kong and China make regular trips here for racing on Sundays. The 1.2km long track has 10 turns of varying difficulty including a tight hairpin, making it challenging for even the experienced karter.

Taipa Village: A bustling city centre for Taipa island, there are markets and shops to explore, pubs to grab a cold beer at, and plenty of local snacks to try and interesting architecture worth photographing. It's just a 5 minute cab ride or 10 minute walk from Macau's biggest and most famous casino - The Venetian.

The Venetian tour: Even if it's just to take a photo by the indoor canals, or try your luck at the poker table, The Venetian is worth a visit because it has become almost as much a symbol of Macau as The Ruins of St. Paul's. If you want to do some shopping, here is the place. The Grand Canal Shoppes is a 500,000 sq ft shopping mall housing a wide range of international luxury brands and mid-range fashion labels as well as bookstores, specialty stores and cafes.

Dinner and drinks: It's going to be a long night, so make sure you're properly fuelled for it by having a good dinner. There is a stretch of bars at an area in Macau peninsula called NAPE - or commonly referred to as "Lan Kwai Fong" - which also has a range of restaurants offering local, Lebanese, Chinese and Western choices. After dinner, you can choose where to start your pub crawl. Moonwalker is known for its live band which plays rousing covers; while MP3 has notorious pole dancing acts and cheap drink.



Casino Taipa

Regency Macau, No. 2 Estrata Almirante Marques, Esparteiro, Taipa, Macau

Opening Hours: 24 hours

Crown Macau

Crown Hotel, The intersection of Avenida Dr. Sun Yat Sen and Avenida de Kwong Tung, Taipa, Macau

Opening Hours: 24 hours

Grandview Casino

Grandview Hotel, No. 142, Estrada Governador Albano de Oliveira, Taipa, Macau

Opening Hours: 24 hours

Greek Mythology Casino

New Century Hotel, No. 889, Avenida Padre Tomas Pereira, Taipa, Macau

Opening Hours: 24 hours

Mocha Hotel Taipa

Rotunda Ouvidor Arriage Taipa, Macau

Opening Hours: 24 hours

Mocha Hotel Taipa Square

Rua de Chaves, Taipa, Hotel Taipa Square, Macau

Opening Hours: 24 hours

Treasure Express Slot Lounge

Opposite the Macau International Airport, Taipa, Macau

Opening Hours: 24 hours

Grand Waldo Casino

Grand Waldo Hotel, Avenida Marginal Flor De Lotus, Taipa, Macau

Opening Hours: 24 hours

Marina Casino

Pousada Marina Infante, Aterro COTAI, Marina da Taipa Sul, Taipa, Macau

Opening Hours: 24 hours

The Plaza Casino

Four Seasons Hotel Macao, Estrada da Baía de N. Senhora da Esperança, S/N, Taipa, Macau

Venetian Macao Casino

Estrada da Baía de N. Senhora da Esperança, s/n, The Cotai Strip, Taipa, Macau

Opening Hours: 24 hours



Babylon Casino

Legend Wharf, Macau Fisherman's Wharf, Macau

Opening Hours: 24 hours

Casa Real Casino

Casa Real Hotel, Avenida do Dr Rodrigo Rodrigues, No. 1118, Macau

Opening Hours: 24 hours

Casino Crystal Palace

Hotel Lisboa, Avenida de Lisboa, No. 2-4, Macau

Opening Hours: 24 hours

Casino Oriental

Mandarin Oriental, Avenida da Amizade, No. 956-1110, Macau

Opening Hours: 24 hours

Emperor Palace Casino

Floor 1-4, Grand Emperor Hotel, Avenida Commerical de Macau, No. 288, Macau

Opening Hours: 24 hours

Flamingo Slot Club

Legend Wharf, Macau Fisherman's Wharf, Macau

Opening Hours: 24 hours

Fortuna Casino

Hotel Fortuna , Rua de Cantao, No. 63, Macau

Opening Hours: 24 hours

Galaxy Casino at Waldo Hotel

Waldo Hotel, Avenida da Amizade, Macau

Opening Hours: 24 hours

Golden Dragon Casino

Hotel Golden Dragon, Rua de Malaca, Macau

Opening Hours: 24 hours

Grand Lisboa Casino

Grand Lisboa, Avenida de Lisboa, No. 2-4, Macau

Opening Hours: 24 hours

Jai Alai Casino

Jai Alai Building, Est. da Pelota Basca, Macau

Opening Hours: 24 hours

Kam Pek Arabian's Night Casino

1/F, Centro Comercial San Kin Yip, Rua do Foshan, Outer Harbour, Macau

Opening Hours: 24 hours

Kam Pek Casino de Louvre

4/F, Centro Comercial San Kin Yip, Rua do Foshan, Outer Harbour, Macau

Opening Hours: 24 hours

Macau Diamond Casino at Holiday Inn

Holiday Inn, Rua de Pequim, No. 82-86, Macau

Opening Hours: 24 hours

MGM Grand Macau Casino

MGM Grand Macau, Lote A do Quarteirão B2 da Zona B, Nape, Macau

Opening Hours: 24 hours

Mocha Hotel Royal

Estrada da Vitoria No. 2-4, Royal Hotel Lobby, Macau

Opening Hours: 24 hours

Mocha Kingsway

Rua de Luis Gonzaga Games, No: 176-230, R/C, Macau

Opening Hours: 24 hours

Mocha Marina Plaza

Rua de Pequim No. 153 - 183 - І Marina Plaza, 01-02 Andar, Macau

Opening Hours: 24 hours

Mona Lisa Palace

Hotel Lisboa, Avenida de Lisboa, No. 2-4, Macau

Opening Hours: 24 hours

Orbit-Slot Machine & Gaming Lounge

The Landmark Macau, 555 Avenida da Amizade, Macau

Opening Hours: 24 hours

Pharoah's Palace Casino

The Landmark Macau, Avenida da Amizade, No. 555, Macau

Opening Hours: 24 hours

President Casino

Hotel President , Avenida da Amizade, No.355, Macau

Opening Hours: 24 hours

Rio Casino

Rio Hotel, No.33, Rua Luis Gonzaga Gomes, Macau

Opening Hours: 24 hours

StarWorld Casino

Star World Hotel, Avenida da Amizade, Macau

Opening Hours: 24 hours

The Legend Club

Landmark Plaza, 5 andar, Avenida da Amizade, Macau

Opening Hours: 24 hours

The Sands Casino

Avenida da Amizade, Edf. Casino Sands, Macau

Opening Hours: 24 hours

Tiger Slots

Largo da Torre de Macau B1, Macau

Opening Hours

Sun - Thu :10:00 - 04:00; Sat, Fri and Public Holidays :24 hours

Treasure Hunts Slot Lounge

Avenida General Castelo Branco, Macau

Opening Hours: 24 hours

Wynn Macau Casino

Wynn Macau, Rua Cidade de Sintra NAPE, Macau

Opening Hours: 24 hours


Things To See & Do In Macau

A-Ma Temple

Casa Gardens

Cotai Strip - Venetian

The Docas Waterfront

Grand Prix Museum

Guia Fortress

Handover Museum of Macau

Historic Centre of Macau

Lilau Square

Lin Fung Temple

Macau's Fisherman's Wharf

Macau Museum of Art

Macau Museum

Mandarin's House

Maritime Museum

Mount Fortress or Monte Forte

Macau Tower

Nam Van Lake Cybernetic Fountain

Senado Square

Cathedral of Saint Paul

Old Protestant Cemetery

Wine Museum

Wynn Macau Fountain Show

(originally posted by marlene920)



Just go to the PTA office in Kalaw and present the passport and ticket of each child so they can issue the certificate. Make sure you keep the receipt


Susan Q. Mendoza


Travel Tax Division

Rm.117, DOT Bldg., T.M. Kalaw St.,

Ermita, Manila

Tel. Nos.:

525-3029, 524-7734,

524-7141 loc. 100/103/109

TeleFax No.: 525-2545


(originally posted by pze)


HK via Clark, sa counter for travel tax, they gave automatic discount for reduced travel tax for children. I wasn't able to get it before hand kasi I was pressed for time and the gas i will consume going to the office where I will get the certificate is more expensive than the discount i will get. Pwede naman pala dun na sa airport na lang kumuha on the same flight date. Parang Php 1,000 (800 + 200 na processing fee) lang binayad ko for my pamangkin. D naman mahirap ang pila sa clark airport.

(originally posted by dpz818 )




Hong Kong <=> Macau Route :

Holiday fares applicable to HK and Macau public holidays.

*Senior (60 or above) and children (below 12) may enjoy HK$15 off / ticket.

Macau Citizens can enjoy special ticket fares (applicable to Macau Permanent / Non-permanent Identity Card holders)


- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Concessionary Fare Ticket- NEW WORLD FIRST FERRY

Direction Mondays to Saturdays

(Except Macau and Hong Kong Public Holidays)

Departure Time And Fare (HK$)

Tsim Sha Tsui to Macau 1:00pm, 1:30pm, 2:00pm, 3:00pm - HK$128

Macau to Tsim Sha Tsui 8:30am, 9:30am, 10:30am - HK$135

* Applicable to ordinary class only

Government Embarkation Fee Included

2008 Hong Kong and Macau Public Holidays include : 8 December, 20-21 December &

24-26 December 2008

2009 Hong Kong and Macau Public Holidays include : 1 January, 26-28 January, 4 April,

10-11 April, 13 April, 1-2 May, 28 May, 1 July, 1-4 October, 26 October, 2 November,

8 December, 20 December, 22 December & 24-26 December 2009


SAMPLE ITINERARY (I just re-posted this kasi may mali akong natype)



Airport to Macau City - AP1 Bus or taxi for only MOP$60-70

For EVENING arrival - check-in hotel

Wynn Hotel - walk from Lisboa


Senado square- Bus # 3, 3A

Ruins of St. Paul (大三巴)- walk from Senado

Monte Fort & Macau Museum (澳門博物館)  - right side if facing Ruins

Na Tcha Temple - left side if facing Ruins then go down & walk to your right

Venetian Hotel - Bus# 3A from Central to the ferry then ride free shuttle & back

Fisherman's wharf/Sands Hotel - walk or ride free shuttle from the ferry

Lotus Flower - just cross from Fisherman's Wharf

Wine Museum & Grand Prix Museum - walk from Lotus

Nam Van Lake/Cybernetic Fountain - Bus # 23

Macau Tower - Bus # 23

Lisboa - Bus # 9A


Ama Temple - bus # 9 from Lisboa

Maritime Museum - walk

Taipa Village/Taipa Houses - Bus # 11 from Ama

Macau Stadium/Four Faced Buddha - Bus #33

Coloane/Hac Sa beach - Bus #25

Lisboa - Bus # 25


I would recommend exchanging only a small amount of USD at the airport (say USD 20). Last time we were there (Jan 28 to 30, 2009). MOP 7.33 to USD 1 kasi ang palitan. Pampamasahe lang or pang-taxi. Then change your dollars at forex shops in Senado Square (7.66 to 1, may iba akong nakita 7.70 to 1)

But never, ever exchange your dollars sa mga hotel. Talagang mababa (sa Best Western Sun Sun, 7.00 to 1 ang prevailing rate). Napilitan lang ako kasi sa airport ayaw tanggapin yung USD 100 ko na may serial no. which started with CB. Don't know why). Nung sinabing puwede nilang palitan, grab ko na, baka di rin kasi tanggapin ng mga forex shops sa Senado eh, kulangin yung pang-gimik namin, hehehe


sige ito na itenerary namin

April 27- arrival from HK via turbojet

9am to 10- fisherman wharf ( ano ba sakyan from Ferry terminal )

10 to 11 - ruins in st. paul ( from fisherman wharf tama ba bus #8A)

11 to 12 - Leal senado ( from st. paul bus # 2 or 3 tama ba)

lunch ( san ba maganda at malapit )

1 to 2 -Venetian Macau (from leal senado di ko alam ano sakyan)

3 to 4 -Wynn Macau / Casino Lisboa / Grand Lisboa (3 Adjacent Casinos) di ko alam ano bus sakyan from venetian

4 to 5 -Guia Fortress / Lighthouse / Hill ( bus #2 tama ba from whynn )

6 to 7 - AMA TEMPLE (bus #1 )

7 to 8 - macau tower ( bus 3 going to macau terminal tama ba)

9 leave macau for HK

any comments po



Airport to Macau City - AP1 Bus or taxi for only MOP$60-70

arrive 9:30pm - check-in Hotel sintra

Wynn Hotel - casino & watch tree of prosperity/performance lake show

(may resto ba na pwede magmidnight snacks sa area na ito?)


Senado square- walk - breakfast

Ruins of St. Paul (大三巴)- walk from Senado

Monte Fort & Macau Museum (澳門博物館)  - right side if facing Ruins

Na Tcha Temple - left side if facing Ruins then go down & walk to your right

Venetian Hotel - ride free shuttle of sintra to the ferry - lunch & casino (how to get the free ferry ticket to hk?)

Fisherman's wharf/Sands Hotel - walk or ride free shuttle from the ferry

Lotus Flower - just cross from Fisherman's Wharf

Wine Museum & Grand Prix Museum - walk from Lotus

Nam Van Lake/Cybernetic Fountain - Bus # 23

Macau Tower - Bus # 23 - dinner & tiger slots (do we need to call to reserve?)

Lisboa - Bus # 9A - casino


Senado or walk along Ave. Almeida - breakfast -(may resto ba before reaching senado?)

Ama Temple - anong bus sakyan from Senado?

Maritime Museum - walk

penha hill - walk & lunch at Ama (may restaurant na malapit dito?)

2:00pm - ferry to hongkong


9am to 10- fisherman wharf ( ano ba sakyan from Ferry terminal )

paglabas mo ng ferry terminal sa bandang left side meron mga shuttle buses na naka-park ... hanapin mo na lang yung free shuttle papuntang fisherman's wharf

10 to 11 - ruins in st. paul ( from fisherman wharf tama ba bus #8A)

sa harap ng entrance ng fisherman's wharf merong bus stop ... sinakyan namin bus #3

11 to 12 - Leal senado ( from st. paul bus # 2 or 3 tama ba)

lunch ( san ba maganda at malapit )

you just walk from the ruins to leal senado & senado square

1 to 2 -Venetian Macau (from leal senado di ko alam ano sakyan)

bus #3 to the ferry terminal then free shuttle to venetian na

3 to 4 -Wynn Macau / Casino Lisboa / Grand Lisboa (3 Adjacent Casinos) di ko alam ano bus sakyan from venetian

take the free shuttle from venetian to the ferry terminal then hanapin na lang ulit yung free shuttle to Lisboa


(may resto ba na pwede magmidnight snacks sa area na ito?)

sa mga casino mayfree snacks na

(how to get the free ferry ticket to hk?)

play at venetian for at least 1 hour & accumulate your points up to 700 p0ints yata may free ticket na di lang ako sure better ask pagdating ninyo pero cotai ferry ang free

(do we need to call to reserve?)

pag weekend yes kasi maraming Tao sa macau tower, just call from hotel sintra

(may resto ba before reaching senado?)

yes but napakaraming choices sa senado

anong bus sakyan from Senado?

bus #2 from senado/central

(may restaurant na malapit dito?)

A Lorcha resto (see page 1 for details)

good luck


Hi Macau peeps! Just got back fr Macau (feb 13-15) and HK (feb 16-18). Weather was cool, though slightly warmer than HK. Reminder sa mga may balak pumunta ng zhuhai-pls get your visas dito sa pinas. They will not issue visas to pinoys at the border, although may nakita kami na binigyan ng visa na Australian.

If you visit venetian, apply for the free cotai rewards card. You'll be given a pen and a lanyard. You can use this to get discounts at the restos in Venetian or Sands. We had lunch buffet at the Sands 888 resto and we got 10% discount. $184.8 yung regular price, binayad namin $168 lang. Great! Sobrang sarap ang food niya and sobrang fresh. May sushi, salmon, tuna & swordfish sashimi, tempura, chilled prawns and shellfish , roast beef, assorted barbeque roasts, very very fresh salads, Italian, Indian, continental, Chinese cuisine, daming varieties of desserts, and very sweet melons, watermelons and pineapples. Marami pa syang food but I can't remember kung ano pa. Dinner buffet is more expensive- $218 ata, but i think they serve Alaskan crabs dito. Naka 15% discount din kami sa Mortons steak house sa venetian, but feel ko, not worth it considering very expensive sya. Sobrang love namin sa Alorcha. Try the clams with garlic and olive oil, its a winner! Alorcha is located near the Ama temple. Go there early, the place is usually packed.


Thanks glads. Lahat ng in order namin ay sobrang sarap. Kung 3 lang kayo, Hindi nyo talaga ma try ang lahat. Suggestion ko lang ha, must-have yung clams. Order pa kayo ng 1 meat dish, either oxtail or African chicken or pork knuckles with beans. Medyo big servings sila. May free bread naman, isawsaw nyo lang sa mga sauce. Kung malakas talaga kayo kumain, order na lang kayo ng portuguese fried rice. Most of their staff is composed of pinoys, very helpful sila, so you can ask for suggestions.


How do you plan macau trip part 1? - Answers (2024)


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