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In land-scarce Singapore, possessing a mansion is considered both a dream home and a symbol of wealth. The idea of a “mansion” in Singapore also blends exclusive living with creativity through architecture. Plenty of these mansions are on sale in the market, and it’s important to know how they stand in the test of time, heritage as well as socially.

So then…

Why is it called Mansion?

In Singapore, a mansion is not just a large home to live in, but to a certain extent - to represent one’s wealth. It is considered a symbol of wealth and luxury, which testifies to architectural expression.

These homes often span not only impressive land space in highly coveted neighbourhoods but are also large, with multiple rooms not just for leisure but also for entertainment.

Unlike properties in a condo, these mansions are not just for dwelling, but a space for the elite lifestyle.

What is the difference between a mansion and a house?

A mansion typically refers to a large, grand residence, often characterised by its luxurious features, extensive grounds, and high architectural value. Mansions are often associated with wealth, prestige, and historical significance.

In contrast, a house is a more general term for any dwelling where people live, which may vary greatly in size, style, and amenities. Houses can range from modest suburban dwellings to elaborate estates.

Are There Mansions in Singapore?

Although Singapore is known for its modern skyscrapers, there are indeed mansions in the city-state, albeit relatively rare due to limited land availability.

These mansions are found in exclusive neighbourhoods such as Sentosa Cove, Bukit Timah, and Nassim Road. They are often sprawling properties with lavish facilities and are home to some of the country's wealthiest individuals and expatriates, including the TikTok CEO.

Villas as a property are also held to similar prestige as mansions, associated with affluent lifestyles.Due to their scarcity and price tag, Singapore's mansions represent the pinnacle of luxury living in the city. Let us now explore the various mansions in Singapore and who were they sold to.

Uncover Top 5 Mansions in Singapore

Nassim Road Area

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Nassim Road is a verdant thoroughfare that stretches for nearly a mile from its intersection with Tanglin Road. Heavy with dense foliage, it is hiding one of Singapore's wealthiest enclaves.

This road serves as a tranquil retreat from the bustling sounds of Orchard Road's shopping district. If the nestling of large homes behind dense greenery was not enough, the neighbourhood is often filled with the purring engines of homeowners’ luxury vehicles, such as Porsche and Audi.

Guide to Buying Mansions in Singapore: Uncover Top 5 Mansions | WTG Property Blog (2)

According to SG Luxury Homes, Singapore’s 20 Wealthiest People with a collective net worth of S$136.35 billion made a home purchase in Nassim Road. Among the known prestigious residents include personalities such as British billionaire James Dyson, real estate tycoon Stephen Riady, renowned musician JJ Lin, and royalty like the Prince of Brunei, Jefri Bolkiah.

The Fangiono family from Indonesia recently secured three two-story Good Class Bungalows (GCB) for a staggering S$206.7 million, while Jin Xiao Qun, spouse of the Nanofilm founder, invested S$128.8 million in the purchase of 30 Nassim Hill, spanning over 32,000 square feet.

Other noteworthy transactions include Winson Group's Tony Tung acquiring a GCB for S$105.3 million, and business magnate Stephen Riady purchasing a sprawling property at 26A Nassim Road for over S$95 million.

Binjai Park

Guide to Buying Mansions in Singapore: Uncover Top 5 Mansions | WTG Property Blog (3)

Within the lush expanse of Bukit Timah, Binjai Park stands as a serene residential sanctuary celebrated for its expansive GCBs. The elevated property values in Binjai Park are attributed to its proximity to the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. Among its standout residences is the prestigious Binjai Crest development, renowned for its stately bungalows nestled within lush surroundings.

Derived from the indigenous Binjai tree that once dominated the landscape, remnants of these exotic florae still grace the area. Binjai Park enjoys proximity to the Swiss Club GCBA and convenient access to the King Albert Park MRT station, enhancing its desirability.

Guide to Buying Mansions in Singapore: Uncover Top 5 Mansions | WTG Property Blog (4)

Binjai Park is home to a roster of high-profile individuals, including renowned actor Jet Li, who acquired his residence for S$19.8 million at a rate of S$871 per square foot. Previously owned by fashion mogul FJ Benjamin, the property gained notoriety as a venue for lavish gatherings frequented by luminaries like former football icon David Beckham.

Among the distinguished residents are cardiologist Dr Charles Toh as well as obstetrician and gynaecologist Dr S Lavan Iswaran with his chef-author spouse, Indra R Lavan Iswaran, who inhabit a heritage home at 35 Binjai Park.

Noteworthy transactions include the sale of the largest plot on Binjai Park, measuring 27,320 square feet, which fetched S$36 million, equating to a remarkable land rate of S$1,318 per square foot.

Sentosa Cove

Guide to Buying Mansions in Singapore: Uncover Top 5 Mansions | WTG Property Blog (5)

Known for its seaside charms, Sentosa Cove stands as a highly coveted locale in Singapore, owing to its unparalleled blend of exclusivity, luxury, and scenic waterfront vistas. Situated on Sentosa Island, this prestigious enclave offers residents a retreat from the urban hustle and bustle.

While it boasts a plethora of upscale amenities including world-class dining and entertainment options, Sentosa Cove epitomises resort-style living and allows easy access to the mainland. With an array of opulent mansions and waterfront villas dotting its landscape, Sentosa Cove remains a perennial favourite for those seeking a lavish lifestyle in a serene tropical paradise.

Among notable residents of Sentosa Cove include a Singapore billionaire who founded consumer goods distribution, approximately 60% of Sentosa Cove buyers are foreigners. June last year, a resident shared a tour of a S$7.2 million penthouse in the area. The prices of mansions in Sentosa Cove are tagged S$25 million upwards on 99co.

Queen Astrid Park

Guide to Buying Mansions in Singapore: Uncover Top 5 Mansions | WTG Property Blog (6)

In the heart of Singapore, Queen Astrid Park epitomises a fusion of opulence and seclusion, drawing in the ultra-affluent. Underneath the verdant canopy, the avenues of Queen Astrid Park exude tranquillity that is a stark juxtaposition to the city's bustling energy.

Beyond serving as mere residences, these homes embody a testament to success and heritage. Named in honour of Astrid of Sweden, Queen of the Belgians, the area's historical significance is palpable in its grand villas and mansions.

Guide to Buying Mansions in Singapore: Uncover Top 5 Mansions | WTG Property Blog (7)

Formerly inhabited by esteemed figures such as former Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong, this enclave designated as a Good Class Bungalow Area (GCBA) stands as a beacon of prestige and historical resonance.

Cluny Hill

Guide to Buying Mansions in Singapore: Uncover Top 5 Mansions | WTG Property Blog (8)

Cluny Hill, nestled within the prestigious Bukit Timah district of Singapore, boasts a collection of majestic mansions and opulent Good Class Bungalows (GCBs), making it an enclave synonymous with luxury living.

Its allure lies not only in the grandeur of its residences but also in the privacy amidst the vibrant urban landscape of Singapore. Cluny Hill stands as a testament to the city-state's penchant for luxury and elegance.

With its lush greenery and serene ambience, Cluny Hill exudes an air of exclusivity and sophistication, attracting discerning homeowners seeking the epitome of high-class living. The neighbourhood is home to multiple affluent residents, including prominent figures from various industries such as business, finance, and entertainment.

Guide to Buying Mansions in Singapore: Uncover Top 5 Mansions | WTG Property Blog (9)

This prestigious enclave boasts a roster of affluent residents and notable property acquisitions, including Tommy Ong, CEO of and renowned entrepreneur James Dyson.

Furthermore, the co-founder of Sichuan hot pot chain Haidilao International, Shi Yonghong, reportedly purchased a GCB at Cluny Hill from Dr. Lee Wei Ling, daughter of the late Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew, for S$50 million.

Guide to Buying Mansions in Singapore: Uncover Top 5 Mansions | WTG Property Blog (2024)


What is the most exclusive neighborhood in Singapore? ›

Nassim Road: Most Exclusive Street in Singapore

Approximately 20% of these affluent figures, including Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin, real estate tycoons Robert and Philip Ng, healthcare magnate Li Xiting, and “Popiah King” Sam Goi, reside on this prestigious boulevard in the heart of District 10.

Can Americans buy houses in Singapore? ›

Can I Buy Property in Singapore as a Foreigner? Yes, you can! Depending on whether you're buying alone, or with a Singapore citizen, what you can buy will vary.

Are there mansions in Singapore? ›

All the mansions along Nassim Road qualify as good class bungalows – arguably the most coveted type of landed property in Singapore – though you'll be hard pressed to find a clear photo of them.

Is it a good time to buy property in Singapore? ›


Prices of new homes are largely projected to hold steady in 2024. In some cases, there may be a slight increase of around 2 to 4 per cent compared to 2023, as certain projects may command higher prices due to their exclusive product offerings or prime locations.

Where do the ultra rich live in Singapore? ›

In Singapore, billionaire's mansions are referred to as Good Class Bungalows (GCBs) and Nassim Road is full of them. The term Good Class Bungalows was coined in the 1980s by the Singapore Government that was seeking to protect landed properties from creeping development while looking to attract wealthy investors.

Where do rich people hang out in Singapore? ›

High Society Hangouts: 4 Historical Millionaires' Clubs in...
  • Singapore Chinese Weekly Entertainment Club. Above Photo: Courtesy of Roots. ...
  • The Tanglin Club. Above Photo: Courtesy of The Tanglin Club. ...
  • The Ee Hoe Hean Club. Above Photo: Courtesy of the Ee Hoe Hean Club. ...
  • The Chui Huay Lim Club.
Aug 18, 2021

What happens after a 99 year lease in Singapore? ›

As a general policy, leasehold land will be returned to the State upon lease expiry, to allow it to be rejuvenated for the new social and economic needs of Singaporeans. Thus, a 99-year lease means that the flat can be handed down one or two generations before it is returned for redevelopment.

Can I buy a house full cash in Singapore? ›

For many first-time home buyers, the downpayment (immediate) is the biggest financial concern. At least 20% of the purchase price, which can be paid in full using your CPF Ordinary Account (OA), with cash, or a combination of both.

Can I buy a house in Singapore without an agent? ›

For purchasing a HDB flat, you do not need an agent as you will be buying directly from HDB. However, it is good if you can talk to your agent, if any, for some advice.

What is the most expensive good class bungalow in Singapore? ›

In 2022, the most expensive GCB in terms of absolute price was for a single-storey pre-war bungalow at Chancery Lane sitting on a 34,216 sq ft freehold site in prime District 11. The GCB fetched $66.06 million ($1,931 psf), according to a caveat lodged on March 3.

What is top in Singapore property? ›

At the time you may have wanted to ask, “What does TOP stand for?” This is a real estate term that refers to a Temporary Occupation Permit (TOP). Many people may not realize that in Singapore every building must receive government approval before it can be occupied.

Who owns the most properties in Singapore? ›

The Singapore government owns most (>80 percent) of the land, having acquired most of privately owned land after 1965, and effectively controls the land supply in Singapore. Before 1959, it owned less than half of the land in Singapore.

Is Singapore property overpriced? ›

Currently, Singapore's affordability ratio, which compares the median property price to the median annual income, is 13.7 for private property and 4.5 to 4.7 for public housing. These figures firmly position private homes in the “unaffordable” category.

Will property prices drop in 2024 in Singapore? ›

In the first six months of 2024, property prices are anticipated to remain high yet stable. Demand, while subdued, should maintain at a consistent upward trajectory. The Singapore rental market is projected to experience a gentle deceleration.

How long do you own a house in Singapore? ›

In Singapore, property ownership interests are broadly categorised as freehold (including estates-in-perpetuity) or leasehold (usually 99 years – however, industrial property leases can be of 60, 30, 20 or fewer years' tenure).

Where is the most prime area in Singapore? ›

Understanding Core Central Region (CCR)

The Core Central Region (CCR) is a term used in Singapore to refer to the downtown core and Sentosa, which are considered prime districts. The CCR is part of the Core Central Region Planning Area defined by the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA).

Why is Bukit Timah so expensive? ›

In Singapore, Bukit Timah has long been the residential area of choice for the well-heeled. For decades, the estate has been a sought-after address among the wealthy, be it locals born and raised in the city or expatriates who adopted Singapore as their home. One reason for this is the area's location.

What is the most developed area in Singapore? ›

The Central Area is one of the most densely developed places in Singapore, with a large mix of commercial and residential developments packed into a space of only 1784 hectares.

Where is the best place to live in Singapore? ›

Best neighborhoods in Singapore to live for expat families
  • Central Orchard. If you love a lively neighborhood with numerous malls, cinemas, and restaurants, look no further than the Orchard area. ...
  • Woodlands. ...
  • Bukit Timah. ...
  • Sentosa Cove. ...
  • East Coast. ...
  • Holland Village. ...
  • River Valley.


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