Costco member stunned after new policy is now 'required' (2024)

ONE Costco customer and his wife encountered a membership shock at the warehouse - and they don't know if it's a policy change or not.

The customer took to Reddit to verify his experience against that of others.



The customer shared an experience highlighting a surprising change in Costco’s membership policy, prompting questions and concerns among the community.

This person says he has held a Costco membership for several years, and decided to get a membership card for his wife during a recent shopping trip.

Upon arriving at the membership desk, the couple was greeted cordially.

However, the situation took an unexpected turn when the membership employee asked the user's wife to download the Costco app.

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When asked why, the employee insisted that it was a new requirement.

The customer, taken aback by this sudden policy change, questioned what would happen if a member did not have a smartphone.

The employee responded that such cases would need manager approval.

Determined to get clarification, the user requested to speak with a manager.

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This request was met with visible annoyance from the employee, per the customer's post.

The manager, who was within earshot, the customer added, approached and whispered something to the employee, then they both scoffed and appeared even more irritated.

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This unusual interaction left the user and his wife feeling uneasy, especially since their previous experiences with Costco staff had been "top notch."

The user took to Reddit to share the ordeal and seek answers from the community, questioning if the app "requirement" was indeed a new permanent policy and whether others had encountered similar issues.

Several users had a similar experience to the original poster, one person writing that they went to the warehouse and employees "tried forcing him to get an app, create an account etc."

Another user said they'd encountered a similar issue, but the employee "took my card and had me update my app, which I rarely used because it was so slow and glitchy.

"After I paid he said he was going to shred my card and that I can use the app from here on out."

Costco membership sharing guidelines

Costco member stunned after new policy is now 'required' (9)

Costco has strict rules for membership use that shoppers must follow and they've been cracking down on offenders in recent years.

  • Primary Member Use: Only the primary cardholder can use this Costco membership card. Sharing it for purchases is not allowed as the photo on the card must match the person using it.
  • Household Card: Each primary member can add one free household cardholder who lives at the same address. This person will receive their own membership card and can shop at Costco independently.
  • Guest Policy: Members can bring up to two guests per visit to Costco. However, only the member can make purchases. Guests must be accompanied by the member.
  • Authorized Cardholder: For an additional fee, you can add an authorized cardholder, such as a family member or friend, who doesn't reside at your address. They will receive their own card and can shop independently.

Credit: Costco

Meanwhile, other users urged the original poster to "file a complaint" as the policy is "not" real or to speak with the assistant general manager or general manager of the store.


While the Costco digital membership card is currently live on the Costco app, there is no evidence that this is a policy that is being enforced.

The Costco app, along with serving as your card in-store or online, also lets you renew your membership and check your 2% reward balance directly on your phone.

The U.S. Sun contacted Costco Wholesale for comment on this matter to confirm or deny the claims but did not immediately hear back.

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Costco member stunned after new policy is now 'required' (10)
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Costco member stunned after new policy is now 'required' (11)
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Meanwhile, a Costco employee warned about the potential consequences for customers who push the limits at the returns counter.

And Costco shoppers are astonished after discovering that there might be a way to shop at the discount megastore without purchasing an annual membership.

Costco member stunned after new policy is now 'required' (2024)


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