Campaign Manager - Berlin - Beatly (2024)

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Campaign Management · Berlin · Hybrid Remote

Influencer Marketing och sociala medier? Får de orden din puls att slå lite extra?Vi söker dig som gillar kundkontakt, copy, skriva briefer, är idérik och gillar många bollar i luften!

Influencer marketing, social media and project management. Do these words get your pulse racing? We are looking for someone who loves to create structure, is a star in communication, is meticulous and has the ability to manage multiple tasks at the same time!

About Beatly

Founded in 2015, Beatly is an influencer marketing tech company that helps brands and influencers engage with each other on a local and global level.

We have run campaigns in over +10 markets and +15,000 collaborations. Clients we help include ICA, Rituals, City Gross, Almondy, Akademibokhandeln and Efva Attling.

Our company is based in Sweden but we are currently looking to expand to other markets. This role is an exciting new opportunity based in Berlin were we are looking to grow our campaign team.

As a Campaign Manager, you are responsible for your own customer portfolio and project manage the campaigns from start to finish.

We are looking for someone who is used to project managing, confident in customer contact, good at writing texts, accurate and a problem solver of rank. You have an interest in social media and like influencer marketing. You have had jobs in the past that have required a high tempo and structure, perhaps you have worked as a Customer Success Manager or Project Manager?

The role ofCampaign Manager

  • You are responsible for the delivery of the campaigns and ensure that the customers get a high-quality experience.
  • You research influencers for the customer and continuously contribute to increasing our network.
  • You collect statistics from influencers and create campaign summaries for our customers after the campaigns have ended
  • You handle all direct contact with influencers and assist them with briefs, support and content based on what is requested, and answer all ongoing questions that arise.
  • You participate in customer meetings together with the sales team and contribute with your expertise.


  • Solution-oriented, unpretentious person who likes a high tempo environmentand is not afraid of challenges.
  • A doer who takes initiative and can run projects independently
  • Interest in social media and influencer marketing
  • Really good at administration, creating structure and handlinga project from start to finish!

Interested? Apply or contact us today! Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Application process

We receive many applications for this role - but if you're a star, we want you! As a first step in the recruitment process, you will be asked to take a test to measure your ability to see details. This will be sent out a few days after your application, once you have answered it, we will schedule an interview. Looking forward to meeting you!

Campaign Management
Remote status
Hybrid Remote
Campaign Manager - Berlin - Beatly (2)

Contact Stina Wallermo Acting Head of Campaign – Campaign Management


Linnea Janving Campaign Manager Linn Dokken Paid Marketing Specialist (Consultant) Mikael Forsell Campaign Manager Stina Wallermo Acting Head of Campaign Guilherme Gomes CEO Johan Laryd Paid Marketing Specialist (Consultant) Isabelle Ljungqvist (Parental leave) Co-founder | Head of Campaign Ops

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Culture reflected by the people

We like innovation,diversity, difference, reaching milestones, and succeeding together. It also permeates the way we work, treats our clients, and recruit. At the same time, it's important for us to have fun, laugh, and celebrate our successes, both big and small 🎉!

  • Campaign Manager - Berlin - Beatly (10)
  • Campaign Manager - Berlin - Beatly (11)
  • Campaign Manager - Berlin - Beatly (12)

About Beatly

Beatly is the leading marketplace for brands and influencers to collaborate in a more effective and safer way. Since our start, we've done more than 15,000 collaborations around the globe.

Founded in 2015

Co-workers 10-20

Turnover 20-40 MSEK

Campaign Management · Berlin · Hybrid Remote

Influencer Marketing och sociala medier? Får de orden din puls att slå lite extra?Vi söker dig som gillar kundkontakt, copy, skriva briefer, är idérik och gillar många bollar i luften!

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Campaign Manager - Berlin - Beatly (2024)


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