Best 0% APR + Low Interest Finance Deals on SUVs Right Now (2024)

YearMakeModelBest Avail. APRLengthCash BonusExpirationCheck Prices
2023FordEscape0.00%60 months7/8/24Check Prices
2024MazdaCX-300.00%36 months7/1/24Check Prices
2024VolkswagenTaos0.00%60 months7/1/24Check Prices
2024MazdaCX-50.00%36 months7/1/24Check Prices
2023VolkswagenID.40.00%72 months7/1/24Check Prices

How We Collect & Rank Car Finance Deals

To rank the best SUV finance deals, we focused on key factors. We preferred lower interest rates because they save costs over time. Shorter loan terms generally ranked better due to less total interest.

We looked for deals with reasonable down payments that wouldn't add to long-term costs. We valued deals with affordable monthly payments to keep the loan cost-effective.

Finally, we evaluated special offers like cashback or discounts, including them if they provided real savings. This approach helped us identify the most budget-friendly and cost-effective SUV finance deals.

What to consider before financing an SUV

SUV’s offer more headroom, versatility, and off-road capability than sedans, but they are typically more expensive. Before taking out a loan to buy an SUV consider these things.

1 - Type of SUV

SUV’s come in four main sizes: sub-compact, small, mid-sized, and large.

Sub-compact SUV’s usually share a chassis with similarly sized cars and are sometimes called a compact crossover. They have similar maneuverability to cars, however, they don’t add much cargo space and you won’t be able to handle any serious off-roading.

Most sub-compacts start in the low $20,000 range.

Small SUV’s drive more like a car than a truck and are typically equipped with a four-cylinder engine with better gas mileage than its larger siblings. Small SUV’s are sometimes called a crossover and like sub-compacts, usually share a car chassis.

Most compact SUV’s start in the mid $20,000 range.

Mid-sized SUV’s are closer to trucks with an elevated ride, more headroom, and those with four-wheel drive can handle more difficult terrain. They often have towing capability with a six-cylinder engine. You’ll also get more cargo space behind the rear seats.

Most mid-sized SUVs start in the $30,000 range.

Large SUV’s, also known as full-size SUV’s, usually have a truck chassis and drive much more like a truck. They have a high, elevated ride and are very spacious. They are much less fuel efficient than smaller SUV’s and typically have a six or eight-cylinder engine. They also have better off road capabilities and towing capacity [check out our top picks].

Most full-size SUV’s start in the $40,000 range.

2 - Loan terms

Long loan terms may be necessary if you don’t have the funds to pay off your car loan within the often shorter amount of time granted with lower APR offers.

A 0 percent APR for 72 months might be a great option, but if you aren’t sure that you’ll be able to pay the SUV off within that time frame, you may need to look at other options and forfeit that 0% APR option.

Even if you feel confident that you will be able to pay back your loans, read the fine print to see if the special terms and conditions make the 0% APR offer not worth it.

In addition, a loan special often cannot be combined with other incentives and may require a certain purchase price.

3 - Do you qualify for the best rates?

If you want to take advantage of low or no-interest financing specials at the dealership, you must be considered a well-qualified buyer. If that’s not the case, the dealer will likely try to convince you to use their financing with an extra 2-4% interest padded above market rates.

To combat this, get pre-approved by online lenders, your bank, or credit union before heading to the dealership. You can use your outside loan or ask the dealership to match the annual percentage rate.

How can you get SUV financing with bad credit?

To qualify for low financing to purchase that new sport-utility vehicle or crossover, you will realistically need a credit score of at least 700.

If your credit isn’t great, you may have to take on a loan with a high interest rate which can add thousands to the life of your loan. So, to lower the overall cost of your SUV, consider…

  • Negotiating the purchase price to a lower amount by getting price quotes from several local dealers.
  • Making the largest down payment possible which will reduce the balance of your loan and the size of your monthly payments.
  • Shopping around for financing online where you can expect to pay a lower APR than a bad credit loan at the dealership.
  • Buying a used SUV instead to get a vehicle without spending as much money.
Best 0% APR + Low Interest Finance Deals on SUVs Right Now (2024)


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